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Info non-talk.png This article was written by a ghey phaggot.
Some people are both Gay and Ghey.

Ghey is a word that means retarded. It is spelt differently than gay so you are allowed to bitch-slap leftards that correct you.

It's also coincidentally part of the name of faggot actor Matthew Mcconaughey.


Used by some to distinguish between the "really fucking retarded" sense of the word gay from the homosexual sense of the word. Some homos get offended when you call something gay as it originated as an insult towards them. This means that you can achieve lulz by using the word gay and then pretending to get pissed when a leftard corrects you. To achieve even greater lulz, use it around someone who is actually gay.

You ARE Politically Correct

It is always politically correct to call something Gay no matter what. If its dark as the fucking night and in your house stealing your T.V., you would fire your gun, and then yell STOP black person!. Calling something Gay when it clearly is not Homophobic, is simply saying what it fucking is. Why would you say the green turtle by the pond is a blue bird? It is perfectly acceptable to call something gay when it really is, as in not doing this will cause much confusion.

However, since ED is always politically correct, (GO W keep playing with the button) it is perfectly acceptable to go ahead and call faggots GAY!!!.

There are even faggots that are not offended by the word faggot, for faggot is only offensive to faggots that can't stand to hear faggot in an everyday conversation between faggots...

Notable people like ShishioKagezuchi combine gay with other isms like animu.

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