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GlassBeadGame at play.

GlassBeadGame (known affectionately on TOW and on Wikipedia Review as AssBeadGame) is a massive drama whore on Wikipedia Review. Whenever Wikipedia Review gets a little boring, trust Assy to stir the pot!

Who is Assy?

An artist's rendition of what AssBeadGame may look like in real life.

Assy's wormed its way up to administrator moderator on Wikipedia Review, the lame-ass Nazi size anti-Wikipedia Jew forum. Assy spends most of its time railing against evil TOW admins for using fake names. All the while Assy itself won't reveal its real name. It's an endless cycle of stupidity. Assy's written over 4,000 messages on the Review, so it's got plenty of time to kill. Assy is possibly also a Law School drop-out.

When Assy isn't demanding in snitty tones that the TOW pseudos reveal their identities, it spends its time mocking other Wikipedia Review members, both pro and anti-TOW. Here it is resurrecting a month-old thread in order to start an argument with another lame-ass Wikipedia Reviewer. LULZ!!!1!


Better to act as an incendiary and agitator at times around here


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