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Golden is a fan forum of the Price is Right. The users there have an unhealthy obsession with Bob Barker and the old regime, and hate Drew Carey and Mike Richards because they're "ruining the Price is Right." They also have an adverse fear of change, where any change is the worst fucking thing to happen to the world. It was created by Marc Green in 1998, and moved to its current domain in 2003. There were three owners (Marc, ClockGameJohn and Robert Searcy), but Searcy got told to BTFO and hasn't been seen since.

The site also has a chatroom that's prone to drama and unfunny in-jokes that are on par with Uncyclopedia. One day in late 2007, Searcy got paranoid to the point where he banned a chat moderator, FPGWillyT for "abusing his powers." Marc Green removed Searcy's administration privileges, and likely banned him too.

Roger Got Sacked

In July 2008, the forums hit critical mass after they received news that longtime producer Roger Dobkowitz was fired from the Price is Right by Syd Vinnedge. He was then replaced by Kathy Greco, causing the users on the forum to have an nuclear meltdown of autism. Marc Green went on a power trip and banned fucking everything. Who knew a game show from the 1970s that stopped being relevant a long time ago was serious business?

How to troll

Fortunately, the autists on this site are extremely easy to troll! Here are some methods as a sure-fire method to cause them to get salty:

  • Say that Drew Carey is a better host than Bob Barker.
  • Imply that the current producer staff is superior to the Barker staff.
  • Praise Fremantle Media and the direction of the show is going.
  • Claim the self-proclaimed "golden era" of the show was the worst era of the show, due to its phoned-in nature.

Notable quotes

Moar info: Golden Quotes.

This section got too fucking long, so click up there to see the quotes.

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