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Oh, the pathos of Gothdom.

Goth Chat City and its affiliates are chatrooms that cater to goths, juggalos, emo kids, gay emo kids, wiccans, pagans, and any other type of douchebag you can think of. Goth chat city is one of many "chat city" rooms. It's virtually fucking dead. Most users and /b/tards having moved to Online Chat City. This chat is where the worst of the worst netfags go. They will "raid from within" at the drop of a hat. The room as a whole is good for lulz and drama. Other than proof that the american educational system is fucking flawed, this room also draws every filthy brown pervert you can imagine. And that's just from England. It is also full of mudsharks and AIDS infested darkies.


  • Swordsman_of_Sin- "One douche to lead them all"- A pock faced acne prone male chauvinist who likes to be tough guy and talks about how good he is at banging all the nasty skanky chicks in the chat room. "Pete" also likes to brag about how he chloroforms girls and rapes their unconscious bodies. If you tell him he has a tiny dick and sucks in bed, the room with explode.
  • cybrmutt - Complete waste of air and skin. Spends 90 percent of his time talking about how good he is at "Puters". The other ten percent equally fail trolling and generally being a nigger faggot twat waffle. Also, will cyber with black mans.
  • Clownishere - stereotypical juggalo cunt
  • ClownPrince AKA "Tryslvaaxian" - Silly otherkin faggot. Is the leader of a crowd of whining fucktards. They all believe they are "supernatural" beings [Lycan to be exact who can astral project]. When questioned on his dumbfuckery will always respond with "If needed, I'll be in pm". Where he then lurks and whines to anyone that will PM him about how much his life sucks and how good of an "artist" he is. He also claims to be "in love" with anything that has a vag. He will promise you the world at a cost of a pretty penny. Your common sense. So ladies, if he promises you the world...Kick him in his ovaries. >:3 Anyways...a compulsive LIAR..who cheats on his girlfriend [See:RedBull] with tons of big tit bitches along with the fact that he tells girls constantly that him and the GF are broken up. he's a pathetic bitch when it comes to certain things for example..he can't handle rejection.
  • RedBull - see KataraRose (Lycan Lover)
  • KillxExhilaration - Jailbait cocktease. Loves anal with old men. Especially if you have baby mama drama.
  • holly666 - Ostensibly was made a mod, due to her total lack of intelligence or ethics. Fat white trash whore who can't spell. Face covered in genital warts. Will ban you if you show your stomach. Creator of many lulz, completely by existing.
  • purpleraven - Fat Scottish bitch. Also a mod. Completely fucking useless. Huge attention whore. Easy to troll. Just tell her she's fat. This will be good for a solid 15 minutes of lulz

Pedos Lurking at Gothchatcity

Check out that pedosmile

On September 15, 2009, A Bryan Confere was arrested in Boston, en route to Southie, looking to score with unsuspecting lolis. When pulled over, he stated "I did it for the lulz". He was then Tazed repeatedly. Many should have seen this coming, as his VampireFreaks account is full of underage female friends. Check it out. PROTIP: He shits bricks when you use the :analsex emoticon in reference to dropping the soap.


Trolling Goth Chat City, Emo Chat City, Wiccan Chat City, whatever, is relatively easy, no mod has IP ban power, so you can log out and log right back in. This should be considered level 1 for trolls Level UPGRADED. This should now be considered at least level 3, due to the amount of subtlety required, as its users are dumb fucks, and have most likely never been trolled before. Have been trolled constantly and now instantly start causing drama on entrance of a troll styled name.

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