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A popular image macro based on panel taken from a Tintin comic. Perhaps the only time that anything Tintin-related has ever been entertaining, except perhaps for the super-sophisticated graphic novel Tintin Civilizes the Darkies, and a certain lol-cow. Useful when someone divides faggotry by zero OTI. This, while seemingly lulzy at first, isn’t a good example of being oh exploitable. It’s already become stale enough, so many exploited images that have a noticeable aura of anti-lulz are normally unwarranted.



16-year-old girls have been defacing the name of this particular meme on IM ever since the beginning of the internets. People often use the phrase IRL just for the sake of using the phrase IRL. The phrase is also often used by brown/indian gangsters, over 9000 times an hour.


The typical use of the phrase in an IM conversation:

Sistafriend123: s0 th3n i wuz all lyk3 "nu-uh sistafriend"

Brotherpal456: hahahaha, oh wow.

  • Note that the above is purely a fictional conversation. Any reference to persons, living or dead, is a coincidence, and not done intentionally by the ED user (then again, it would not be at all surprising if it was.)


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