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HOW CAN SHE SLAP?!? will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.


HOW CAN SHE SLAP?!? is a meme that originated on September 6th, 2008, when some newfag posted a link to an Indian game show. Apparently, the show's planners failed to brief the contestants about not flipping their shit on stage, because when the hostess delivered an unscripted slap to a contestant, he returned fire with a GB2KITCHEN HO that was so hard, they BOTH damn near fell over. The crew thereafter decided to fulfill the prophecy.

Forget "Doomsday vs Superman" or "Uwe Boll vs Lowtax"... What followed was a brown-on-brown reworking of the Rodney King beating.

The Game

Old and cancerous: Jade Goody. New fatness: Esha Baskar.
Pwnage imminent

In "Dadagiri" (or "Beat the Bullies"), students are put through three rounds in which they are relentlessly trolled by three stock characters.

In between each round is an eliminator in which Juicy The Chef forces the contestants to eat maggots and caterpillars out of a toilet (seriously, that's what it says here), and the last man standing wins 50,000 rupees (about $1,000). The ultimate winner of the contest will be announced on 9/11, no, seriously.

Fat Bitch Is Fat

The Incident

Esha was going through her normal shtick and the contestants were calmly ignoring her, only rising to her to say "We don't want to talk to you." She eventually conceded defeat, but the show's host prodded her back into the fray. This frustrated Esha, who shouted "Why don't you just go fuck off, then?!" to contestant Ravi Bhatia, who smiled pleasantly and replied "You go", whereupon the fateful slap took place. It became instantly clear that Ravi had no choice but to knock a bitch out.

"I thought he would be briefed." "He WAS briefed!"
A warning to all women who stray beyond the kitchen
Contestant after his beating

As can be seen above, the shit hit the fan pretty fast as Ravi was hurled to the floor by enraged studio staff, and the Calcutta Historical Re-Enactment Society give us their version of the Rodney King incident. Gaffers, lighting staff, sound staff, men with clipboards, and the guy who just came to deliver the pappadums all patiently wait their turn at pummeling Ravi's face into couscous. Ravi can be heard weeping with fail and cracked ribs from the center of the tangle of boots and moustaches, wailing the mantra that was to become his epitaph:



For maximum lulz, one staff member can be heard calling for Ravi's sister to be brought up on the stage. FYI: "madarchod" and "behenchod" can be heard quite clearly in the video. And since you can hear that, you sand nigra! Jokes apart, such face-massages are a common mating ritual among young Indians. India-loving Caucazn can alternatively try singing bollywood songs or tender loving with romantic dinners.


He's suing her.


Bitch got slapped and sued.

This gameshow prepares young Indian cookery students for the harsh reality of life in Australia.

Team Fortress 2 Edition


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