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The Hallcats Squadron is a group of 13 year old boys and 16 year old girls on the site Acecombatskies.com. They seem to think that they are 1337 because they have over 70 members, more than most (or all) squadrons. They have their own news, and a reporter who can't spell.

Their new logo.
HallCats Squadron: Hardass Mercs.

They claim to be the true mercenary force when in reality, they don't have any real weaponry or planes. All they actually have is Ace Combat roleplaying. But they actually get paid with services such as blowjobs, furry pr0n, and Goatse. Sometimes, they get shitty graphics that took over 9000 hours in The GIMP. GIMP is their FAVORITE program, since all of them (except for one, who uses Fireworks) make their BEST signatures with it. Their sigs:

  • Are the BEST ever. Seriously.
  • Take over 9000 hours in Paint
  • Are many in number, AND in fail.
The question which is asked the most.
The proper way to club a Hallcat.

They don't seem to know that there is something called Adobe® Photoshop®.

Their Leader

Zadkiel, their over-dramatic leader always takes the squadron seriously. When one poor girl left his squadron, he got all butthurt and posted the following:

"well it is insulting to me. I wont take 100% of the responsibility for the HC's recent expansion. A lot of it has to do with the other members spreading the word to people who havent joined or a looking for a squad to join. To say the HC is lying is a lie. Saying we're too strict? [color=red]*CENSORED*[/color]? We're the MOST laid back here on ACS. We're only really enforcing the rule because we need to. The mods are having to crackdown on the excess of spam. Who's the first person they go to to get this remedied? Me. I cant just sit and do nothing, all that they say is legit. Saying the HC is dying and is strict is personally insulting to me. I do all I can to get this squad active and to keep it laid back. I cant count the amount of times I've been PMed by a mod about an HCer. I defend the HCer and tell the mod to hold off until I can get in contact with the member and talk it out. If you're looking for an even more laid back squad than this you wont find it. I'm shoving a 5 word post min down your throat? IT'S THE RULES FOR PETE SAKES!!!! How can I just sit back and let people make one word posts and such when the mods can easily come in and shut any topic that gets out of control down? I just find your comments insulting and rude to be frank about it. Its baseless accusations like these that make me regret taking the CO position. Why should I lead when I get ungrateful comments from members leaving?"

And that same girl didn't really care, so he posted:

"But to say the HC is dying? That we're strict? Those are offensive to me. I didnt create the HC, but I feel I have played a large part in it being what it is today. Making comments like that about the HC is like making a demeaning comment about me and my efforts, do you understand?"

Yes, we do understand that the HC is serious business.

How the Hallcats were created

How it all began.

It all began one day when MAV Wolf did a very awesome squadron poster in the Photoshop. He seemed to have misspelled "Hellcat" as "Hallcat", and when a young girl discovered this mistake, she spread it around in an attempt to cause some lulz and butthurt, like the cunt she is. It almost worked, and since she had plans of great evil, she saved the poster. Such events called for a new group of people... The Hall Monitors. They brutally and eagerly club these rabid felines until death. Sometimes, when the cat still survives, they may run it over.

12 AGNRY Hallcats

One hallcat attempted to write something, a shitty novel called "12 Angry Hellcats". There were MANY grammar mistakes, MANY obvious mispellings, and MUCH fail. IT WAS A VERY SERIOUS ATTEMPT AT WRITING. The kid who wrote this, Thanalyst, thought it was a great piece, and that everybody would love it, but no. It failed.

Raped, owned, and buried.

And so the butthurt began. The 12 angry hallcats began to go RAWWRGHH!!1 GRRR!!!1, since they couldn't do much about it. But one of them decided to stop growling and roaring, and to actually speak english.

"FU HARD IN THE ASS ZAKU. It would take you a couple of days to make a fanfic. This took 3 hours. You are a piece of **** commander.. I bet there is a better person in the FA who is much better than you. As you can tell i hated your comment. and I was bored out of my mind and created a fanfic. You dont have any intentions to create a fanfic do you? uh! Dumass! Marco -- Polo.. Marco -- FUCK YOU"

FU? What's "FU"?

RAAWWWRRGGGHHH!!!1 These guys are also TOTAL badasses.

ZADKIEL: So that's when we move to attempted pub descruction. The IEDs brought back to the lab were from a terrorist unit in the outskirts of Moscow, 24 hours ago, the terrorist unit was effectively assasinated by Government assasins.
BEAR: In soviet russia, assasin kill you
UNSTUNG: That was bland
BEAR: So is your mom"

Terrorist units? Are these the people that caused WTC??? It seems the Hallcats are indeed responsible for WTC, not the Jews, or the government, like some faggot keeps on saying. After a mod ended all the RAAWWWRRGGGHHH!!!1ing and all the GRRR!!!1ing, one brave man by the name of Zaku decided to challenge the literary master. The challenge was accepted, and we all waited to see who would win. We knew who would win, anyways. But, the Anal Lyst analyzed the situation he was in, and saw that he would lose, so he quit, saying that he was too busy IRL.

What they REALLY said about it all.

Anal Lyst was still butthurt, since he got a new nickname (Cyst) and mostly everyone made fun of him and his shitty novel. Remenber, if you club 1 hallcat, 12 ANGRY ones will go on you.


An occult group, Hallcatism was created by a guy called Darren the Ender, on August something, 2007. He was pissed at his life, also at Zadkiel's inactivity, his shitty ideas for an already shitty group of roleplayers, and him not wanting to do much. But what will a group led by 13 year old boys, led by a bitchy 17 year old do to a 21 year old man who has something called work IRL, that's always butthurt and emo??? Overthrow him of course! While the Hallcatists do their serious business, this article will gain moar. Get off the PSP, Ender. You're just jealous that you don't have "power". Or that Zadkiel has a gf and that you don't. Anyways, if you say yes to any of these, you're one of them:

  • You have over 9000 cats and no dog.
  • You hate Photoshop, and LOVE The GIMP like some 43 year old man from Maryland.
  • You make fictional treaties.
  • You call any normal cat a Hallcat, but you don't club it.
  • You wont give you cat to science so two people can see if it can blow up!

If you do any of these, you are indeed a faggot and MUST be castrated, since Raptor Jesus says so. Hallcatism is worse than Satanism, and when the pastor asks you to spread your cheeks in order to receive the holy big wood, DO IT, for it shall protect you from the Hallcat AIDS.

Lol wut?

Bleh, You have been suspended untill I say otherwise. You have not been suspended because of violation of forum rules, but because you are an annoying pain in Ender's ass. Ender will admit that he is corrupt, and that he is enjoying doing this. He also encourages you to call him "buthurt", "emo", and "bitchy", along with other names, because it will only increase his laughter. Running to Zaku or another ACS mod to get Ender suspended would also only increase his laughter, but put a smile on his face. If you wish to continue your friendship with certain HellCats, be my guest. He also leaves you with a little piece of advice.

Your in high school now, grow up. Thanks, have a nice day

Oh and dont piss them off when playing ace combat, they WILL kick you and try to ban you from XBL , HALLCATS RULE!!!!111111

Hallcatists (Current and Former)

Ethan: Ethan is a former Hallcat who has since formed his own clan. Despite being a Republican, he also believes that "JEWS DID WTC," apparently making him a Ron Paul fag. His 9/11 faggotry can be viewed on his MySpace.

Pimpboywannabe: Perhaps failure incarnate, PBW is by far the most pathetic Hallcat. An azn supremacist, asks very awkward questions about things he'll never experience, and faps to traps. His friend is also the dumbest person alive, rivaling even PBW himself. He is also known for his idiotic racist diatribes, especially against white folk getting all the azn wimminz:.

But on top of that, white men pick up our women and use them as erotic sex dolls to fulfill their fantasies of screwing asian women. Then those white men marry them, the asian women move up into the middle class and have their half white/half asian bastard children (no offense to white white/half asians) that are raised white. That also degrades my people in a way, since the asian women are being gold digging whores carrying the white man's children for money. Now those half white children get a better life than their full asian counter parts stuck in the lower social ranks as second class citizens. - Source

Green_Giant: A self-centered 43 year old man from Maryland, he LOVES to grope his Gimp. He spends his time making sigs, saying that they're better than anything made in Adobe® Photoshop®, when all he does is use Gimp's bevel and emboss, drop shadow, and a gay font that doesn't match. He is also a gigantic asshole who flames n00bs for committing such horrible offenses as posting in a topic.


MAV WOLF: The idot savant of this shit. Today he has moved on from the faggotry of ACS to become hated on JewTube because he is an evil Bush loving nazi neocon. Most who hate him are bitchy 16 year old girls themselves and can't admit he is totally fucking awesome in every way and they just wish they could have spanked Ann Coulter's white ass like he does. Amirite?

How do HC do progress???


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