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By the power of Greyskull...
A Livejournal post after five or six he-brews.

A beer invented by He-man at least a million years ago.

Known Side Effects

Silly hats are awesome!

Due to its potent ingredients of shredded baby foreskins and ashes, he-brew has the following side effects:

The Kike's time machine theory

It is now belived that the original bible was 5 times longer than it is now. The theory suggest that the Jew used an Israeli time machine to go back in time and curse the Bible translators in their own new language. So it's belived that the Bible translators knew the future of their "holy" language and for what it will be used for, and stopped writing the bible. Therefore, not all of the Bible got translated into Kikrish and there is more to be found, that explains why the old Bible's story never really got to an end. As much as crazy as it sounds, when people get drunk and start writing, they actually complete the story of the Bible. It is well known that the Bible translators were drunk, so it makes sense that their lost voice speaks through drunk people. Next time you get drunk, write something and give it to some old Jew, and mabye it will become a new Bible.

If you try to say "yes" when you drunk, it sounds like "Ken" - כן which is the reason why Jews live in Cana'an and not in Canada (both sounds close to "Ken", ask Moses). Just come to some Kike, ask him if he want's more money ("more" because you just gave him money when you came to him, remember - with Jews you ALWAYS lose) and you'll hear "KKKEEENNN!!!!".

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