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This is what I look like.
Hello my future girlfriend. This is what I sound like. I'm 11 years old in the sixth grade, in New Mexico. Please PM (pee on) me if I'm on Yahoo chat. Bye. Thanks for stopping by.


All hail the founding father of all 13-year-old boys. Hello My Future Girlfriend is one of the first experiments to demonstrate that there are no girls (nope, not even girlfriends) on the internets. Coming right from the web 1.0 to steal your girlfriend with his fancy hair and slightly Derp'd eyes, Michael Blount (aka Kidblount) created the website in 1998 after losing his girlfriend. I mean Fuck! look at his fucking hairstyle, not even motherfucking vanilla ice could be that cool!! and where do you think the nigger jew of kanye west took the idea of the glasses? THAT'S RIGHT: FROM THIS FUCKER. You wish your fat-ass you were as cool as this gangsta'. Of course, not even a cool guy like him was fail-proof and his plan had an irreparable flaw: Obvious truth was obvious. Luckily for this stud, he later discovered that he was homosexual. So maybe the internet can help him find his future boyfriend.

Internet surfers eventually found the page, and lol'd. Unfortunately, the original page is now lost to history, but archives and parodies still survive until this day.

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