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"Heeeey Ladies!" - Typical Forum Member.
Typical trolling of an I-mockery forum thread. It ain't hard, believe me.

I-Mockery is a terribly unfunny satirical website that pathetically fails at dissecting and mocking every fucking fragment of human existence.


Roger Barr

The jewish faggot who runs the website.

He's also an incredibly whiny fuck who gets mad when the entire world doesn't agree that a stupid fucking cereal from the 80's is the best thing ever.

Not allowing anything with inherently hilarious qualities escape his comedy, Roger also employs WACKY SPACE GOGGLES and a paper PICKLE HAT in most of his shit.


One of the largest havens of faggotry and retardation on the internet, even eclipsing 4chan and the Jewgrounds BBS.

Boo Berry Cereal

Not to be outdone by other internet review nerds, Roger Barr writes long shitty articles about his fixation with an inane piece of 80's pop culture. M.A.S.K. Toys? Hot Wheels? No, Cereal! Boo Berry Cereal! Hilarious AND wacky! If Boo Berry were a woman, Roger would fuck it to death!

The coolest thing that probably will ever happen to Roger Barr in his life, was being interviewed for his BooBerry fetish by Stephen Colbert. He's told that he's "pretty boring" and Stephen aborts the interview early. Search for it on Youtube, because I'm fucking lazy.


The people that write all these great video game reviews on this site OMG ACTUALLY HAVE WRITING JOBS IRL! Writing for... Cracked magazine. A HA HA HA HA HA HA! Remember that shitty mag that ripped off Mad magazine back when you were a kid? Now it is a online mens magazine, ripping off the two thousand other mens magazines that rip off Maxim.


This site is one big lame fucking ripoff of every other review site on the internet. If Seanbaby and Something Awful fucked and had kids, this site would recopy an article someone wrote about it.

Troll for great justice.

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