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IMVU is a shitty automated chat program that allows many pedos to virtually have sex with 13 year old girls. Like Second Life this site has a huge furry infestation. The site consists primarily of furries, goths, wiggers, emos, fags, dykes, etc. Trolling is a lost art form in IMVU. Everybody, I mean literally mean everyone is a scene fag or something of the sort. They allow you to play music in imvu, most of the music played is blood on the dance floor and any type of shitty screamo crap.

Besides having multiple labeled communities, the people who seem to inhabit the site have a sort of "hate" for the management. Being the failed attempt at being Second Life, IMVU has been on beta mode for like 3 years and continue to produce mass fail with every little update. Butthurt, IMVU decided to create fun little tools for the community to distract them from the shit.

Additional Content

Some time last Thursday, IMVU decided to toss up some bonus features and content to its users. At least to the users who want to pay out the ass for them. Such features include new dances, new moves, new clothing you can't normally get (which is basically every article of clothing), new ways to assrape teens, animations, music, disco lights, plush toys (for raping), sex toys, electric chairs, and a partridge in a pear tree. Even the Pope himself has played this game along with Jesus, the real guy. Oh, and you can also pay to register your name permanently (which means you're no longer a "Guest_" on IMVU) if you really feel like stealing mommy's credit card to do so.

The Forum

Possibly the main and only area for lulz, the forums on IMVU consist of butthurt faggots and 12 year old girls who spend hours trolling others while getting a huge hard on for anyone else who adds to the trolling. For some reason a great number of the people in the "off-topic" section (O-T for short) are particularly retarded. Especially the losers who has been there for many years and think they are the shit. Many have the need to write random topics about their lives and how they are doing. The Off-Topic forum has three topics:


Crushes on Imvu are about as normal as Bush not pulling out of Iraq. When in doubt, get a fellow internet fuck buddy. The main reason people on IMVU date is not to date, but to get rid of a huge boner that has been erect for over a hour. When on the forum its constant "<3" "lets fuck"

Family Groups

This has to be the biggest pile of lulz on the whole damn site. People on the OT love each other very much and like to make Packs in each of these Packs theres a leader, a real lolcow who is a overly happy aspie who spends about 6 or 7 hours on IMVU forums posting shit with the supposed "^_^"


Begging on IMVU is apparently the Anti-lulz and is considered lower than worshiping Satan or killing innocent babies with a kitchen knife. Rather than ignore the begging, they make stickers to avoid the butthurt of beggars.

Off Topic

It's heavily-trolled.

Now fagged up by furfaggotry.

Trolling Opportunities

Several things make this piece of shit easy to troll

1) There are no filters on names which makes trolling almost too easy.

2) There are no filters on chat you say in a room. So threatening to kill people, rape them, and eat their corpse are awwwwww right!!!!

3) Certain words when typed in chat cause all people in the chat to hear a scripted sound. These sounds are all ridiculously loud and obnoxious. This should be your bread and butter; if you aren't typing threats, eating food, or taking a shit you should be spamming this furiously for maximum win (and ear rape).

Best found so far: Scream, makes a high pitched wail that can blow out eardrums if your headphones are on.

4) When you log on to a new account, they give you some free credits to use in the store. Buy the most obnoxious shit you can find and just spam the hell out of random rooms.

5) Just insult anyone and everyone. Follow them around the room, and act like an obnoxious douchebag. Chances are that they will flip the fuck out.

6) Chances are, you will come across some pseudo intellectual faggot that claims that their "family" has power. Simply insult them some more and piss them off to the point where they bring their friends in and start whining, all while threatening to "hack" you, and sit back and watch nothing happen.

For an example of IMVU drama and lulz, visit the IMVU Chat Logs.

Other Ventures

As of January 2015, IMVU owns FurAffinity. Sources say the deal followed several days of the IMVU management consuming high levels of Shrooms and Amphetamines. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but they are probably shitty because Dragoneer is an idiot.

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