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Comic Sans lets you know this is serious business is famous for failing it when it comes to being a porn pixs gallery. Every member of their tech staff resembles William Hung. They're an imagehosting site (in theory) and the pictures never load due to bandwidth issues, but at least their 8 billion banner ads and pop-ups do! ImageFap has even gone so far as to trademark the little red X. The very word ImageFap will soon become synonomous with anything that's completely fucked, i.e. "This situation in Iraq is totally ImageFapped."

That Fucking Bandwidth!

Just your typical day on ImageFap

If you've ever tried to load a gallery there (which you probably have), you'll know how utterly slow it is. You will get the infamous loading ring, and each picture will take over 9000 seconds to load. But hey, whilst your waiting, why not take the time to enjoy the millions of ads cuntpasted across the browser? 'Why the fuck do the ads load but my pics don't?!? I hear you scream. Well, like Runescape, ImageFap do it for the lulz.

You know that gallery that you fapped to last night? What a surprise, its gone now! Imagefap is known for having one of the worst search engines in the history of the internets. Typing in hentai will most likely bring you Rosie O'Donnell. If you somehow manage to make it through the warzone that is the search engine to your desired gallery, congratulations, a winner is you!

But it doesn't fucking stop there. When the pics finally load, the infamous red X will appear. When this happens, it has been estimated that anywhere between 99-100% of Imagefap users will an hero them selves from the frustration.

It is rumored that ImageFap was created when Ebaum buttfucked an AOL installation CD-ROM and this stunning combination of theft and fail spawned a website chock full of such epic lose.

ImageFap Content

Search for lolitas.jpg
Stupefying incompetence? You're soaking in it!

All content on ImageFap is user submitted. Content is broken down into main categories as follows (but not limited to): pictures of the user's cocks, pictures user's wives or other guy's wives, heavily airbrushed/shooped pornography, shemales, and a variety of less than sanitary/safe fetishes. Common themes or motifs in the multitudes of amateur pornography submitted to ImageFap are out of focus or blurred images, highly-compressed or images of such low resolution their subjects are nigh identifiable, women of Anglo or eastern European descent married to men of similar origins engaging in extra-marital sexual intercourse with men of black person descent, women beyond the age of desirability, or images displaying otherwise entirely distasteful spectacles of the human form.

Cocks. It is commonplace for ImageFap members to create a cock icon as an avatar or create hundreds of galleries of their cocks. It is not unusual to see these users wearing a 'cock ring' or other chubbing apparatus.

Wives. There is a seemingly infinite number of images of ImageFap user's wives or images said to depict the wives of said users. The women shown in these images are usually tagged as 'milf' status, but by no means have any merit to such a status by the universal standards of discerning human beings. Often, these wives are engaged in extra-martial intercourse with men of black person descent. This is to fulfill the pathetic desire of weak, self-hating white men with small cocks who fancy the title 'cuckold.' What the fuck.

Heavily airbrushed/shooped pornography. ImageFap users under the age of 16 who have not yet deveoped any discernable taste in pornography will save entire 16 image preview galleries from pornographic "TGP" websites and upload them on ImageFap. While this genre of pornography is subject to individual taste, it is often considered garbage by actual men who favor images depicting actual women rather than what they would consider paintings of women. Bimbotic female individuals with low self-esteem who claim to be bisexual for attention will often profess interest in such airbrushed imagery.

Shemales. There are an egregious number of images depicting dainty men with breast implants on ImageFap. These men are more commonly referred to as shemales, transexuals, lady-boys, etc. It is also common to see images depicting regular men in women's clothing pretending to be women. Transcending sexuality is of course a logical, physical impossibility and ImageFap guests should exercise extreme caution when navigating the website to avoid accidental exposure to what is best described as a complete spectacle of human sexuality.

CP Policy

Moar info: The Great ImageFap Troll.

Newfags and unfortunately some oldfags alike get constantly trolled by being told to search for "lolitas" and then proceed to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING in fear of getting v&.

If you enjoy a jolly good laugh, then you best be wise to troll /b/. Hopefully you'll come across a fair few newfags who are into CP. Click on the above link to learn how. Make sure you post pics of their reaction.

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