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Troll.jpg This BBS needs more lulz and chaos.

You can help by logging in and posting fifty ASCII Hitlers.

Inara BBS is the latest in a series of many spinoff boards from ISCABBS. That's right. In 2006, drama on a text-based telnet Citadel led to a split 25 years after original Citadel was first created.

The main goal of Inara BBS is to separate the tards from the bureaucratic fucks of the Citadel world: Inara gets all the "special" lusers and ISCA keeps all the Nazis plus notable BBS pussy Bearwalker.

And so it begins (NB, this guy is the sysop):

Oct 31, 2006 9:54 from Howard Beale
wtf are lulz
[Ideas For Inara BBS> msg #1994 (28 remaining)] Read cmd ->

Camwhore Drama

The room called BexLikesGunsButtsBoobs> on Inara is dedicated to sharing pictures of guns and ass on a sekrit Flickr account which is invite-only.

A sample of the room's charter:

Ok this is the fun part.  Each week I will post a new body shot and firearm of
the     week.  I am taking pictures of body parts:  male and female, clothed in
undies or nude.  They can be crotch shots, boobs shots, butt shots, whatever.
If it's hot, it's in.

A user named Cernorama, driven to a fit of apoplectic rage by the inferior quality Midwestern fat girl angle shots dominating the photo stream, mirrored the pictures and posted the Yahoo IDs of all participating camwhores to a sex-wanted group, leading those users to be crapflooded by hundreds of desperate males.

Cernorama used Tainted Love's yahoo account to post the camspam bait. Both were later twitted, Tainted Love after she attempted to explain that Cernorama was "striking back the only way he can" after "50 users ganged up on him."

Then, because the admin hadn't figured out how to IP block people and because twits can still read messages on Inara, at least 100 users with a roomaideship ganged up on Cernorama and kicked him out of their rooms. They posted happily about their progress while doing so. It was like a picnic.

The next day, Inara was DOSed from a single IP and Howard Beale decided it might be a good time to learn iptables.

Inara BBS
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