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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Note: this is an article about a former Encyclopædia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page.

Anyone for a lollercoaster?

Joeker is a butthurt emo faggot who goes by the name of Joe Skipsey. With a batshit name like that he has to be a homo!. Much drama has occurred on his blog where he has been butthurt by Phil's World and by it's owner Timelord. He appears to be an E-lawyer claiming to have been stalked, harassed, threatened and had turpentine put in his milk. Rumour has it he is trying to find love with Ann Coulter and Chyna, and created the baleeted Phil's World article on the old ED as a part of his Wikiwar. He also has the hots for Tom Cruise because of an interest in Scientology and being a shit parent.

I am the blog owner, and what I say, goes.


—Scientology and bad parenting at work

Titles of messages on his blog tell a great story for a soap opera.

  1. Blog of Many Trades: Closed. New Blog opening shortly.
  2. Official Hiatus
  3. Final Statement from Timelord
  4. There Goes The Neighborhood
  5. Harassment
  6. ...
  7. Biker Gang: Pathetic Scumbag
  8. WTF?
  9. A Farce?
  10. Liar, Criminal, and Aspie.
  11. Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star
  12. Comment Moderation
  13. This blog is now closed until further notice

Wow, we have final solution, harassment, a biker gang, a nursery rhyme, legal action, and the only thing missing is a waaaaambulance! Oh did I mention freedom of speech? And serious business? And shit nobody cares about? And.....TL;DR!

This blog is officially going on hiatus. In other words, I'm putting it on hold indefinitely.


Delete fucking everything!

Joeker was butthurt by a lot of anonymous identities hanging shit on him for being the faggot he is.

More may be coming to this post in the future, and changes may be made. Nothing here is finalised. If you wish to discuss the material in this, you may post in the comments.


—The drama is yet to end

Oodles of self importance, shitting bricks and demands of solitude over any comments that were made - even more butthurt! He's fucking gay but he fears butthurt? We must be talking 13 year old boy here. And he writes poems!

On the Asspie forum, Aspies for Freedom (a haven for Asspie's) he expressed his butthurt for being raped on Phil's World.

Afraid of what your Wiki members might think if they saw the facts?


E-lawyer in action

I have some postage requiring mailing. We'll see how you fare with your petty grasp on my intellectual property before the courts.


E-lawyer in action again

He suffered more butthurt when he was banned from this forum for two days. But when he returned he kept up the faggotry.

I would thank Timelord to cease doing what I have had a temporary ban over.



And he was banned again until last Thursday.

Dracula tried to run him out of the old ED for bringing the butthurt there but both were put on notice. This article is a likely target for blanking so watch out for the faggot and his sockpuppets!

Joeker's Words of Wisdom

Criminal law here in Canada looks very promising.


—Oh rolly, E-Lawyer?

If someone is posting anonymously to protect themselves, that's fine.


—Except the ones that shit on him!

Brainiac, Borusa, whatever name you're going by, stop baiting me.


—"I can't take being trolled!!"

At least I have the decency not to use my friends, and then toss them away once they've outlived their usefulness.


—More USI!

It's all black and white, yes or no, give no quarter, fair game bullshit.


—Hello, Michael Jackson? Got another naive kid for ya!

And I can only assume it's a result of his highly publicised "aspie war" against me.


—Anyone heard of this war in the media? USI!

And with pretentious snots like you and yet more other people still acting on Phil's behalf, he's still swinging away.


—Paranoid of Anonymous

If you had cared to notice, this blog went inactive back in late FEBRUARY.



As such, you have no credibility, no honesty, no dignity, and are of no consequence, since you're nothing but scum.


—Faggot alert!

With comments like these, you really show that you're in no way respectable, in the least amount.


—He don't know em vewy well do he?

Go away. Continue if you want, but you'll just be wasting your time as your comments hit the bin.



There's room for more!

Ways to Troll Joeker

  • Mention an Aspie War and tell him it's over
  • Question his centrism
  • Remind him he lives in British Columbia
  • Watch him blame Phil's World
  • Add butthurt notice

On the Internets

Einsteinaspie.jpg Joeker is part of a series on Aspies. [Back to your happy placeSperg out]

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