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Penguins... everywhere!

John Terry is a Britfag footballing legend. He is also a legend for cheating on his wife with a teammate's wife around the time he was awarded "Dad of the Year" but that's another meme (with several hundred Failbook groups and pages) for another day.

As for this meme, in the England vs Slovenia match during 2010 World Cup in South Africa, some Slav faggot tried to slam the ball into the net. John Terry, being the fucking boss that he is, goes for a flying headbutt/salmon flop to try and deflect it. You know he's fucking awesome when he uses his fucking head to deflect objects.

The original picture has begun to sweep the internet, gracing it with its awesome and valor. The resulting meme has become known as John Terry's Defensive Dive or The Penguin. There have been a few variants to the actual original image. The most popular being him destroying the Twin Towers.

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