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'''“Jessica” Yaniv'''{{trans}}, also known as “'''[[No|TrustedNerd]]'''” and “'''JY Knows [[Ræp|It]]'''” among a fuckton of sockpuppets (Powerword: '''Jonathan Gill Yaniv'''{{jew}}), is a 32-year old [[Pedophile|pedophilic]] period-fetishist and Sir Topham Hatt look-alike from [[Canada|British Columbia]] who [[Lolsuit|sues]] female beauticians for not waxing his ballsack and uses [[Transgender|transgender]] as his personal shield.
'''“Jessica” Yaniv'''{{trans}}, also known as “'''[[No|TrustedNerd]]'''” and “'''JY Knows [[Ræp|It]]'''” among a fuckton of sockpuppets (Powerword: '''Jonathan Gill Yaniv'''{{jew}}), is a 32-year old [[Pedophile|pedophilic]] period-fetishist and Sir Topham Hatt look-alike from [[Canada|British Columbia]] who [[Lolsuit|sues]] female beauticians for not waxing his ballsack and uses [[Transgender|transgender]] as his personal shield.
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* [[Tranime Girl]] — Another disgusting tranny
* [[Tranime Girl]] — Another disgusting tranny
* [[Miss Scarlett]]
* [[Miss Scarlett]]
* [[Brillig]]
* [[Null]]
* [[Null]]
* [[Kiwi Farms]]
* [[Kiwi Farms]]
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* [[Feminists]] — His archenemies who A-Log him
* [[Feminists]] — His archenemies who A-Log him
* [[Autogynephilia]]
* [[Autogynephilia]]
{{dying alone}}
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Watch Out! Thumb ltd a189.gif This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.

“Jessica” Yaniv, also known as “TrustedNerd” and “JY Knows It” among a fuckton of sockpuppets (Powerword: Jonathan Gill Yaniv), is a 32-year old pedophilic period-fetishist and Sir Topham Hatt look-alike from British Columbia who sues female beauticians for not waxing his ballsack and uses transgender as his personal shield.

National Sex Day 2008

Last Thursday while at college, he attempted to create a “National Sex Day” in order to get laidArchive today-ico.png (archive). Unexpectedly, it failed and gave up any hope of any future National Sex Days.


At least 100 years later, he attempted to get his ballsack waxed by female immigrant beauticians. When the majority of them said “no”, he sued them for $2,500 apiece resulting in some of them going out of businessArchive today-ico.png (archive). These actions ended up biting him in the ass as he had pissed off his own kind and has now exposed Canadians and Trans-things as massive clowns.


On July 23rd 2019, a trap known as Blaire White uploaded a YouTube video exposing Jewnathan's creepy behavior on social media. Most of Yaniv's behavior was him asking questions about tampons and menstruation to minors, taking photos of himself in women's bathrooms clearly resembling a guy and sending dick-pics to little girls.

Topless Pool Party

One of the other accusations mentioned in the video was a form that was being sent out to parents of Vancouver about a "Topless Pool Party" meant for pre-teens (excluding their parents) and was being hosted by none other but Yaniv.

The Debate

On August 5th 2019, Blaire White hosted a live debate with Yaniv. 95% of White's questions revolved around his creepy behavior. Yaniv's answers were just him denying the claims. Throughout the debate Jewnathan just incriminates himself even more and sounding like a fucking creep. Later on Yaniv admits to owning pepper spray and even pulls a taser that is illegal in Canuckistan out in front of the camera in attempt to be threatening and even going on a racist rant about immigrants. Within days, Yaniv apparently doxed Blaire White.

The Feds Step In

Literally a day after the debate went down Blaire's fans began calling the Vancouver Police on Jewnathan. Later that day the RCMP began a search on his house. Yaniv wasn't even allowed to enter the house until the search was completed. The RCMP ended up finding illegal pepper spray, bear spray and two stun guns. Yaniv was arrested for being in possession of these weapons but not for being a pedo.

Milking Day

For whatever reason, Yaniv thought it would be smart to start shit with a member of Kiwi Farms (he probably got called a Faggoty Jew again). Lucky for us but unlucky for him, King Retard with all his super retardation found:

  • His Phone's IP
  • Timezone
  • Browser
  • One of his secondary emails

All of this just to prove it's The Virgin Tranny. Let us all thank Null for his inhuman abilities. Trust me that isn't all, besides finding a new twitter alt (he was smart enough to not follow himself, but retarded enough to start shit with the Kiwis, not going to question it), we've recieved one of the best spergouts as of recent years.


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