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The Keyboard Whore is a meme that spawned from /b/ on November 16, because Battletoads was getting old, and /b/tards were getting bored. Its a good alternative to put shoe on head since most whores from Russia and Philippines can't afford to buy shoes. It started with a post by anonymous of a Camwhore with a keyboard on her head and part of the chat log as part of the screencap.

/b/tards started flooding MyCams (and other camwhore sites) once again, and tating the videos were pre-recorded and looped and demanding that the camwhores "do something crazy no one would ever think of doing in a pre-recorded video, like, hum... putting your keyboard on your head", or just pretending to be some sick fetishist that could not get off if a woman was not wearing a Keyboard hat.

This quickly became a raid with /b/tard saying they are from e/b/aumsworld asking for some keyboard fun. Even if it got INSTANTLY BORING, it lasted more than a week and some of the /b/tards started encountering increased difficulty on getting them to indulge on the sweet pleasures of keyboard action. Also, demotivators ensued for great justice. Lulz ensued, of course. And lasted a good 15 minutes.

Update: In the wee hours of December 2nd, everyone from Ebaumsworld raided MyCams again. There were several epic wins, keyboard-on-head-wise. The epitome of the raid, however, came when several of the performers went batshit insane and cussed the raiders out in some strange language. One even managed to spam herself into oblivion. Epic lulz and demotivators ensued.

The Winnars

One of the Lulziest of all dem Keyboard Whores

The winnars were (November 23 2007, 8 am GMT):

  • AbyGirl
  • BabyAngie
  • prinsexxx
  • HunnyLyn
  • sexxxyebony
  • 1WildHotPanther
  • 1SportyBabe
  • PierceAsianXXX
  • Zora87
  • you

They all automatically became both an heroes and internet celebrities.


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