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The Kitty Krew is a group of Flash trolls who take pride in mocking the avarage Newgrounds user. The group was formed by BigFuzzyKitten, Lasse and seel on July 17, 2006 and has since been a clusterfuck of power struggles and dick jokes.



The KK was born from NGcollabs a website dedicated to making flash collaborations for when 3 users decided to have fun and put little effort into making a collab, it was about cats having sex.. Shortly after, the collab members decided to start up a spam crew based on the "success" of the flash, and membership quickly grew.

You want it? We got it!
Get back in the kitchen
Mission Accomplished


The Kitty Krew begain its relentless assault upon Newgrounds, bringing upon much lulz in the form of hate reviews


Many people would say this was the best year for the Kitty Krew. Newgrounds was still very populated at this point, as there had not been a mass exodus to youtube yet. With several thousand views for each flash submitted, the Kitty Krew agenda was well filled. Many amazingly stupid reviews were sent in from the fed up Newgrounds users, which is exactly what the crew wanted. The Kitty Krew was also able to nab four consecutive Turd Of The Week awards, instantly bringing jealousy to other groups such as the Star Syndicate.


Attempts to destroy KK were made by noobs, but it was total failure.


Early in the year, there was no Kitty Krew, as all of its members had disbanded, however several members were able to round up many of its previous members to attempt a revival. Not much flash was done at all this year, which could be seen as the most productive thing that has ever happened to the group.


The crew made a major comeback, matching their previous record of four consecutive Turd Of The Week awards. In all, the crew received five Underdog awards and nine Turd Of The Week awards. Late in the year however, members remembered once again that there really was no point to newgrounds and activity in the portal slowed down. One of Wade Fulp's temper tantrums may have been a large contributer to this, as he deleated many flashes in his attempt to distract him from the pain of his genital discharge.


Kitty Krew flashes are renown for being absolutely horrible. Sometimes the submission is just to offend its viewers and cause them to baww about the flash's lack of promised hentai, while other submissions are just mindless ideas that never went anywhere

There are numerous ways to make a Kitty Krew flash, all of which employ no effort whatsoever.

Making a Collab

  • Make a 5 second loop of strobing lights and tween throbbing dicks across the screen

Making a Solo Flash

  • Make a 5 second loop of strobing lights and tween throbbing dicks across the screen
  • Mock other spam groups by using their "techniques"

People of Unimportance

  • JBK
  • Peepee45
  • Chewy2007
  • Clock-Ninja(Squidgewell)


One of the main points to a Kitty Krew flash is the lulzy reviews by Newgrounds' members.



— Average NG User



—What NG members should be like

People Who Love The Kitty Krew

People Who Hate The Kitty Krew

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