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klik. BOMF. is the ritualized killing of failed memes or forced memes done by one of two Pleinairs on 4chan's /b/.

Pleinair can turn most fail into win, execution-style by shooting whatever it is in the head with a grenade. Included among her victims have been Milhouse, Rita (multiple times), countless furries, Jack Spicer and many more.

The bottom line is that the OP would post a forced meme (e.g Milhouse) with a caption such as "guise can I be a meme yet?", to which Pleinar would immediately post the image sequence corresponding to Milhouse with the corresponding dialogue of "klik". then "BOMF" with a possible following "blerg" or "whdd" depending on what happened to the body afterwords.

Klik bomf can be posted as a combo for profit, although even when the combo is broken, it still works. It must only be done by surprise. Unlike Mari-tan's KRAK! klik-BOMF must be customized each time and cannot be cut and pasted. As a result they are quite rare, and only used in cases of extreme fail or 4chan faggotry.

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