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They took everything niggers had

Klitschko brothers (also, Klits, Brothers) are two big, polite, manifestly fuckable boxers and sisters from Ukraine and are well-known for beating niggers for serious cash. One`s name is Vitaliy Klitschko (former WBO, WBC Heavyweight World Champion and current Ukrainian politician) and another`s Wladimir Klitschko (current heavyweight champion and cheap soap actor). The Kilts have hard punches and delicate chins, like there are balls somewhere on their faces. However it is more about Wladimir and his shameful knockdowns.

Very few people know that both brothers were born somewhere in middle Asia shithole-stans and even fewer people know that the Klits` mother`s surname was Etinzon. But despite all this cultural diversity the Brothers are implying that they are Ukrainians and eurofags. Anyway, they both have not bad scores in sport and are well-known for banging pussies and asses world-wide. Right now Wlad is banging this lil pussy Hayden Pannetiere while his older brother Vitaliy is fucking the whole country in the Ukrainian Parliament.

Typical boring interview with Klits.

Early years

In Soviet era Klitchkos were beaten by their hood pals. That`s why their farther (actual Red army officer and commiefuck) decided to enroll his faggy sons in boxing classes. Surprisingly, the brothers started learning how to punch very quickly and beat one ass after another. Soon, when everyone`s ass in da hood was done, they moved to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, where they started their professional boxing carriers. In that times Wlad won Olympic games (Atlanta Olympic Games, 1996). Fun fact, in early '90s when USSR collapsed, Klits were partying with the Ukrainian mafia in Kyiv and doing some Niko Bellic stuff for their bosses. But then they moved to Germany and started pretending to be |ordnung eurofags and drink beer with sausages instead of vodka and salo. There in Germany they became kind of national heroes kicking nigger asses on the ring every Friday. Also, that times the HATE towards Klits started rising because of their over 9000 wins and their boring boxing style like clinch-punch-clinch-punch-clinch-knockout.

This is summary of 99% Klitschko`s fights. Clinch, clinch, fucking clinch again and then BANG, that guy is down

Lenox Lewis vs Vitaliy

No doubt one of the best fight the Klits ever had. Oldfags still remember that night where was right everything what suppose to happen in Rocky series: Stallone (yeah, he really was present that night), white boxer, black boxer-champion, bloody face of the white. Vitaliy wins by points but loses because of the cutting. There are much blood and of course drama and applause. All this drama shit you can find in the Hollywood films but it was for real. Anyway, if you still have not seen the V. Klitschko – Lewis fight you must have it.

Klits in nowadays

They have been champions for around 15 years. Have beaten +100 niggers in common. And after all good things have happened the younger Wlad moved to Cali and inseminated Hayden. Vitaliy returned to Ukraine where he became politician and was elected for mayor position of Kyiv. Now he is not a boxer anymore but still kicks the shit off in the Ukrainian parliament. Though, Wlad is still the champion and will probably have all the champion belts by 2015 becoming the first white undisputed champion.

List of lulzes and myths:

  • People say that Wlad is gay because he has not had any marriage until 38. He told that he is not but we know what it means.
  • In 2013 Vitaliy`s Email box was hacked and all his interesting mailing leaked to the Internet. This valuable data was mails from chicks, hookers, girlfriends worldwide, sometimes sexy photos and fap content. That is how Vitaliy spends time in the mayor chair.
  • Both sisters have great scores in boxing. One of the best the history of the sport, deal with it.
  • Wlad has 62 wins and Vitaliy has 2nd best in da world knockout rate after Rocky Marciano.

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