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"Translations hard. Iz in machine code."

The LOLcat Translator Project[1] is the attempt of a group of linguistically inclined retards to create a complete and comprehensive online translator for English into LOLcat. Suprisingly enough, the translator is capable of translating not only specific words and phrases but also unknown text. LOLcat is the new name of the meme which was initially known as Caturday until fags stole it from /b/, renamed it "lolcat", and gave it the status of yet another unfunny internet phenomenon for front page fags to enjoy.

The creators of the website state that their aim and novelty of the translator is its ability to virtually render any English word or phrase intelligible even from themselves. This is achieved by using phonetics, grammar, and by extracting and using the context in which words are used in the text that is to be translated.

The Website

On the main web page[2] visitors can type in some text in English and get back a lolcat speak version of it. Alternatively by typing in the web address (URL) of a website they can see and navigate the given website with its text converted into lolcat speak.

In addition, there are some logos that one can add in his or her webpages so that users can click on them and see their webpages translated into LOLcat, even though such a practice is not recommended because it reveals that the author of the website does not limit the accessibility of his content only to properly educated and intelligent people.

The slangaholic website also offers various plug-ins and logos which you can use to enable your instant messenger (chat client) to automatically convert messages into lolcat, so that you can convince your mates that you recently had a failed brain surgery.

The Translation Engine

The text retardation engine is named LOLcatizer and is the core of the various on-line and stand-alone translators/utilities that are available from the website. For developing the required translation rules the developers processed hundreds of lines of text which had been translated into cat speak by humans familiar with the language. Note that they did not need to understand what the phrases were all about which means that essentially the questionable Chinese room thought experiment was put at work.

To advance the translator’s abilities to another level of producing "naturally" retarded text (aka lolcat speak) the current version extracts the context (meaning) of the text and makes changes or additions which reflect what a cat would be likely to think or comment about the subject matter.

The LOLcat Forum and Profiles

Recently, in an attempt to unite all inarticulate residents of the planet, under the pretext of interest in the meme and love for animals, the creators of the LOLcat Translator Project[3] added on the website social networking and discussion-forum facilities. The graphical user interface was especially designed so that it is easy enough for the targeted group to find its way around and attempt to communicate with like-"minded" individuals.

Other related projects include the LOLCat Bible Translation Project which, even if you're not a christfag, will make you believe Jesus will rise from the grave and punish us all.

ICHC now has a "lolspeak" Wiki appropriately titled "'P.A.W.S.' Universitee of teh Interwebs." To look at the page and read some of the shit makes you vomit..or want to kill something.

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