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darr, a classic example of a leaderfag
Leaderfags' control is not limited to Chanology.

Leaderfags are any aspie who suffers from an extreme case of unwarranted self importance and is a furtherance to killing lulz on Chanology and abroad. As a subsequent off-set of being a leaderfag, most are also moralfags as well; these people thrive on the Internet and the popularity it brings them always yearning for more they can often be seen taking things way too seriously.

Class Examples of Leaderfagging

  • [21:54] <~gregg> so anyways
  • [21:54] <~gregg> a lot of pylons, sheep, whatever you want to call them.
  • [21:54] <~gregg> nothing bad with being that
  • [21:55] <~gregg> sometimes its lack of available time, sometimes its just them not being the type to do anything other than show up
  • [21:55] <~gregg> so we exist.

Sometimes Leaderfags can engage in FAIR-GAME too

  • [01:23] <&srsbsns> ath: in either case, we must out dr3k and wb, and anyone associated with their petty "projects"
  • [01:24] <@ath> don't we know where dr3k lives?
  • [01:24] <&srsbsns> I don't
  • [01:24] <@dojo> well nothing like an ego feeling -- shit there is a sekrit group and i am not invited and i am aweseom
  • [01:24] <@ath> i got WB's ircop removed on partyvan
  • [01:24] <@ath> because he outted darr
  • [01:25] <@dojo> tbh the admin forum posts have totally taken the heat off marblecake
  • [01:25] <@Wirah> im not sure whats happened :s
  • [01:25] <@ath> you mean, by making themselves targets?
  • [01:25] <@ath> :p
  • [01:25] <@Wirah> sounds like enturb being fags though
  • [01:26] <&srsbsns> ath: the correct procedure would be facefagging and namefagging him, and attaching to him a list of accusations of the things he done
  • [01:26] <&srsbsns> wb and dr3k must never be allowed to participate in anything chanology

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