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LeaveMyKidzAlone is a forum operated by notorious pervert Ryle Garamonde. It originally started as a user group on Vampire Freaks and became very popular, but that came to an end when it was discovered that Ryle had been soliciting noodz from, and camming with, underage group members in exchange for mod positions in his user group. Prior to that, he had been using the user group as a forum for panhandling via PayPal donations.

After the deletion of the user group on Vampire Freaks, Ryle founded a stand-alone site and a user group on Vampire Shitty.

the Incarnations of LeaveMyKidzAlone

  • LeaveMyKidzAlone.com, a stand-alone website owned and operated by Ryle. Membership is by approval only; this is because Ryle mistakenly believes that screening applicants will keep his forums from being trolled and spammed. However, experienced sysops know that you can’t always predict if a new user will become problematic. As of the writing of this article, the site has fewer than 200 members. As the lack of LMKA Regulars. Declined below 200 members Ryle got Desperate and offered the rest of his LMKA Regulars Admin Status and Money .

As of Aug 19th 2010, LMKA.com has been shutdown due to the lack of LMKA Regulars.

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