Little Green Footballs

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LGF at the YMCA.

The place on the internet where the head-punchers hang out, Little Green Footballs is a neo-nazi blog for Republicans who wear tinfoil hats and hate brown people. If you're European though, Little Green Footballs is a hedonistic group of tree-hugging nigger-loving marxists and are horrible bullies who attack European nazis just for being nazis - a hate crime.

Originally began as a biker blog for those who wanted to ride their Harley Davidsons without a helmet, but, after 9/11, felt they needed to do something more, like get addicted to sex-power fantasies involving swarthy foreigners. Unfortunately, the internets is suffering as a result.


The site was created in 2001 by a basement dweller fed up with the liberal media and people disagreeing with him. The creator may in fact be a hobbit, pedophile, Elvis Presley, or even pirat_ponton, as not much is known about him. The only known photo is to the right, with the bald head. It is uncertain as to whether cosplay is involved, or if there's some conservative Hell's Angels group ready to stir shit at a shit bands's concert.

Last Thursday, the owner of the site woke up and realised that all his friends were troglodytic Fascist assholes. On some shitty blog, they b& him, he b& them, and everyone sane had a good laugh.


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