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"And look, if you don't like it, just wash them right out with kerosene (put out your smoke first). It's not permanent like a tattoo or anything." SOUNDS GREAT, SIGN ME UP!

LoveBugz.Net is a website dedicated to the love of having tiny little parasites living and fucking in your pubes. You have to be a friend of the owner of the website to gain access to his forums, and to even be able to get the maggots, you need to fuck the guy.

What the fuck is this shit?

Apparently, on the FAQ, it states that " A japanese bug scientist bred them special. Into like domesticated social insects. Over a whole lot of generations, he picked out the largest and tamest bugs and bred those for the next generation. Just like a cool dog, after a thousand generations you get a beast that's really friendly."

That's right. They were bred by an AZN for your pube-itching pleasure. And a Japanese person, at that. But not only is it completely normal to have lice on you, it's also a fantastic feeling on your scrotum. They don't bite, but they do eat the dead skin cells off of you. It's natural!

It's probably for itching fetishists like Sonbreezie, even though she's mostly matured. However, Cyborg has been a victim so it's unknown what Ms. Pluzsik thinks of that.


And it makes the sex even awesomer when you know you're passing along little living animals. Tiny beautiful things.


—Bugger, bugs are tiny beautiful things.

PLus, when go down on someone, they're like right in your nose. Its so wild!


— Bugger, wat.

If you're a pretty girly in the metro area and you wanna get polinated, then email me and maybe we can get together.


— Bugger, saying that fat people can't have lice.

Look Sweety, humans have had body lice since from millions of years ago when we lived in caves until just recently.

So, who's the freak? You or me? Who's not living in a 'natural' human condition?


— Bugger

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