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LurkMoarpedia was the place where Anonymous took a shit during ED's downtime. It was an old meme and testing ground for trolls/an attempt to revive Enyclopedia Dramatica.




Before Enyclopedia Dramatica reincarnated itself as the devil of all wikis, /b/tards craved after another wiki to declare the new ED. LurkMoarpedia was born. The idea was that, as soon as the real ED shut down, they began copying and pasting ED articles from Google Cache manually. The leader of this movement tried his best but could not sustain under the heavy odds of real Encyclopedia Dramatica. By the time this website was revived they had accumulated a little over 400 articles. For a short time they continued their feeble attempt to compete with us, but they soon realized that this is futile and quit.

[+ntrS] THE POOL IS CLOSED. DUE TO -----> Sorry, but your wiki is in another castle: [Willidarski's note: My e-jerb. Gone. In 1 day. Have fun at ED2.




The whole thing in a nutshell
There does seem to be something dodgy going on... Honestly I don't give a fuck if their site has billions of page views, who has the true "ED" lineage (which they claim because they didn't come up with an original name) and I don't think focussing on some bullshit war is going to help us create a decent site. We have a commited user base, hosting (as much as we need and it can be scaled if required), backups (which i'll Open Source once I'm confident people won't add to other sites just to claim a hollow "victory") and more importantly decent OC. The owner of also owns Anon News so what you should look at is what their motives are for centralising control of Anon communications. Who's paying for their "cluster of over 9000 servers" yet can afford to be a basement dwelling neckbeard who's constantly online. It's almost like someone with lots of money and power (US Government?) wants to infiltrate and control Anon. --Abomination


— ZOMG CONSPIRACY! is using a script to generate views for their site.



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