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Add a piano and you have Liberace.
Macklemore's gay agenda.jpg
Macklemore, fighting his inner sissy on stage.

Macklemore is an untalented, liberal, wigger, jewish, faggot that slithered to fame with a song about being a cheap motherfucker.


Macklemore (born Ben Faggerty) became "famous" in 2012 with his song Thrift Shop, a song about buying shit at the thrift store. In the video he wears an animal print, puffed collared, fur coat, some footie pajamas, a vest with puppies on it, a cowboy vest with long tassels, a feather collared fur coat, jumps while fluttering his hands, all while sporting a fagtastic haircut. But remember, he’s not gay.


Oh wait, except he fucking is. Being the cultural Marxist he is, Fagglemore has been an uppity wigger about gay rights. From The Colbert Report to the VMAs, Cocklemore has been an attention whore about pushing the gay agenda, that fudge packers and carpet munchers are being oppressed from bullying in high school (which happens to a lot more than just gay kids, except now making fun of fruits gets people in trouble for “hate crimes”) to gay marriage, despite nobody giving a shit about marriage in America.

Is he really gay?

Yes. One only needs to connect the dots, especially with his newest abortion song “Same Love”. Let’s see:

  • In the song, Faggerty starts with “When I was in the third grade, I thought that I was gay”. If you think you might be gay, then you’re gay.
  • Throughout the song he keeps repeating “If I were gay”, you know, like hypothetically. This absolutely doesn’t mean he’s hiding being gay, like how O.J. wrote a book called “If I did it”.
  • He complains that we shouldn’t say gay when we mean lame or lesser, or fag as an insult because is rooted in hate “the same kind of hate that lead to walk outs and sit ins”. Because the perils of gay oppression tantamount to the slavery, beatings, and discrimination niggers went through, right? Guess it doesn't matter that gay and fag mean different things in other countries and has changed meanings multiple times. But now that it belongs to booty bandits, it's not allowed to change meanings.
  • Mackleless says that republicans can’t use treatment and religion can’t fix a preconceived condition. This is just textbook liberal shit about the gay gene being a real thing.
  • But let’s say the gay gene exist. Macklewhore says that his uncle is gay in the song. By this logic that would mean Wackamole and his family carry the gay gene. And with all his faggotry and the gay gene inside him, Macklemore is definitely not gay.
  • Finally, just look at him and everything. His gay fucking hair-cut, his dick sucking lips, feather and fur coats, “gay gene”, hopping around like a Kansas City faggot, repeated "subtle" denial in his song, and being an attention whore about pillow biters and dykes. That’s a faggot if we’ve ever seen one.


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