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History will not be kind
Now that's what I'm talkin' about
Kinda facepalm but, in its defence, it is original content.

The Magazine Generator is a hoary old meme that is currently making a comeback on /b/ 'thanks' -in part- to newfags who prolly probably weren't born when this meme died the first time. As such, it even constitutes the all too rare original content that 4chan has been missing since Caturday Nap.

It has obvious similarities with the glut of Demotivators that currently account for at least 75% of all /b/ image content, but the Magazine Generator is whey less inspired -thanks, in part, to the generator site's limited capacity for creativity when making a cover since you can't fuck with the magazine captions (PROTIP: shoop your pic first).

Howevar, even though it's predominantly FAIL, it is WIN simply for the fact that it at least encourages wannabe /b/tards to actually 'think' about what they're posting (see: SFW Porn vs. Roll Call). Now, if only the newfags could figure out the choicest pix to upload given the parameters of the generator. Consider it to be the Internets equivalent to training wheels on a kid's bike.

How To Be Doin' It Rite

Step 3
Step 5
  1. Find lulzy pic on ED.
  2. Upload
  3. Select one of the results
  4. Choose small or large
  5. Download pic
  6. ????
  7. Profit


Make sure you check the box to let others view and vote on this magazine!

Just find a lulzy fucking pic relevant to the mag's interests. ED is full of them! MagMyPic currently supports images 5MB or less in size. Images larger than this must be resided prior to upload.

Trolling MagMyPic


Despite the usual site TOS bullshit ("May not contain nudity, violent or offensive material..etc") that noone ever enforces, uploading Goatse -which is filenamed hello.jpg- was initially successful, howevar, since all created covers can be viewed and voted on if the troll checks a box of consent, MagMyPic b& Goatse after users complained using a 'report bad content' feature.

It was uncertain if MagMyPic had some nifty man-ass detection software since subsequent attempts failed it but further research found that ANY IMAGE named or renamed hello.jpg resulted in failed image creation. This is obviously because /b/tards spent over 9000 hours last Thursday trying to create Goatse covers of all sorts for the MagMyPic fans to rate in their NORP gallery of FAIL.

Gallery of n00b

This is also ideal for the newfag to sew his or her oats without looking like the complete failtards they are since -as discussed- it's almost impossible to fail it at Magazine Generator. Most of these newfag efforts are FAIL though.

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