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YouTube Favicon.png Nate Spidgewood (Powerword: Nathaniel Edward Spidgewood; aka Nathaniel Edward Speed, Nate Spazzwood, Nate Shitwood, Nate Cockwood, Nate Fagwood, Nate Furwood, Nate Pisswood and Nate Spergwood), is a pissed off, highly autistic 13-year-old boy furry from Seattle, Washington. He is best known for his numerous sockpuppets that he created on ED in an attempt to take down this article. Of course, it was pretty obvious that Spergwood was behind the accounts because they all had one major distinction: the words "Nate" and "pissed" were usually in ALL CAPS so it didn't take long for a sysop to see it and place the ban hammer on him. See the talk page for a prime example. He has a YouTube channel that contains a bunch of shitty animations made in MS Paint and a Patreon "campaign" video where he lies about his age.

The "tl;dr" story on this guy goes like this:

He is obsessed with TV Tropes, wanted to edit on TV Tropes, was banned from TV Tropes, and can't live without TV Tropes, was too stupid to realize he couldn't just go back to TV Tropes under a different name, was banned again, spent time crying like a bitch on the Tropes Mirror Wiki about being banned, kept attempting to sock puppet troll TV Tropes, kept getting thrown out after being discovered while screaming threats of death and bodily harm, and he still occasionally tries to go back and troll TV Tropes even though he fucking sucks at it. He also is obsessed with shitty cartoons and likes drawing this shit in lieu of growing up and getting a fucking life.

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