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It's a wonder how this jagaloon (Power Word: Robert Edward Grant) survived so long with his opsec cranked all the way to "arrest me" and being the second person in history to ever have flunked CSIII. He is currently thought to be packing his bags to flee the country and avoid the Time Enforcement Commission after his internet tough guy routine didn't work.

Most importantly, Robert Grant is NOT a genius, he is NOT a surgeon, and he is NOT an inventor. What he calls "math" is actually cult numerology. He is a coat-tail riding conman who stands on the shoulders of giants and takes credit for everything they did that day, making him capitalism's answer to Zeekill. Being born with a silver spoon caused him to have a severe series of delusions, leading him to believe that he can scam everyone from his employers to the best hackers in the world without fear of repercussion.

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Christmas is the time when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ


Bart Simpson

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