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truly amokk is a sick man.

Lj-favicon.png mattybear is a dirty pedo lolcow who got his ass trolled by kick_the_freak. The whole fiasco started as a simple post pointing out how he "loves" a 16 year old girl, Lj-favicon.png nadi_kitten, but it escalated to rather large proportions once mattybear saw the post on kick_the_freak, with him as the star.

Over a few hours, mattybear was viciously e-mauled by trolls and had his eyes scarred by nasty guro. As a consequence he made his LJ of childlove friends only.

His LJ was then suspended in Strikeout 07, and he subsequently moved to greatestjournal with the rest of the pedos.

Shit Hits The Fan

File:NadiAmokk IPaddress.jpg
The damming evidence.

After a few more of Lj-favicon.png nadi_kitten's super secret 'friend's only' post were revealed on kick_the_freak, she decided to show up and defend herself.[1] However, nadi was not as clever as 'she' thought, and thus posted right underneath 'her' own goddamn sock puppet, to reveal that both 'her' and Lj-favicon.png amokk had the same exact IP address.

Further investigation by e-detectives uncover that Lj-favicon.png amokk and Lj-favicon.png nichy were the 'REAL' mattybear and nadi_kitten. This information was then posted to both kick_the_freak and However, it should be noted that Lj-favicon.png nichy does not think that this is funny.

...Way to go, fgts

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From Bristol, Tennessee. Mattybear says Type 3 is the most delicious.

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