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This article contains Jews!
Sadistic Jew, about to maim a baby. How accurate can you be, with gigantic scissors like that?
An unending cycle of abuse

All Jewish baby boys are required to have the foreskin from their penises cut off, or "circumcised," when they are eight days old. This has been going on for thousands of years, as it was ordained in the Torah, the Jew version of the Holy Bible.

According to those dirty kike scholars, a key part of the circumcising process is called "Metzizah b'peh". This is the part of the ceremony when the "mohel" (the rabbi performing the act) removes the blood from the baby's penis, in the area where the skin has been cut. The Talmud demands that the rabbi must remove the blood by placing the penis in his mouth, sucking off any blood that's there. Meanwhile, the baby screams in pain and fear.

Yes, the Talmud orders Jews to GIVE INFANTS BLOWJOBS. As if having their dicks barbarically mutilated wasn't enough, they must suffer further sexual abuse from an old man with a long beard. This means that every single rabbi who performs circumcision is a pedophile. Naturally, as an adult, the baby will go on to abuse other children, whether or not he becomes a rabbi.

It is worth remembering that an infant boy's innocence can be destroyed like a Palestinian encampment if he is left with a Rabbi for any period of time. In this manner, the rabbits (correct spelling, as Jews, while excelling in numbers, and particularly money, fail when it comes to anything else, such as spelling), are analogous to the Catholic priest. Both are pedophiles, and love making religion "fun" for anyone under three years of age.

It's really no wonder why everybody hates those dirty fucking Jews.

Social Benefits

The Metzizah b'peh ceremony is the single most important event in the Jewish male's life. Once removed, the foreskin in question is pooled with all the other Jew calamaris that are cryogenically frozen until the Chief Rabbi makes a decision as to which of the Jew will be blessed with a wallet made of foreskins. Not every Jew is worthy so it is only those who show acute business acumen after their Bar Mitzvah that will be blessed with a magical foreskin wallet. Once rubbed, the magic foreskin wallet will turn into a briefcase full of cash to pay off the Jewgle to have their search results removed and other Hebe skullduggery.

If you are against Metzizab b'peh,you are a racist nazi antisemite

Medical Benefits

Circumcision Pedo-Jew Dick Sucking Herpes Aftermath.jpg


Because who doesn't love herpes?

On the slight off-chance that the larval Jew spawn survives being given herpes by a dirty old pedo-Jew it's the gift that keeps on giving! A majestic rite of passage among the Jewish peoples, being given the homo hook-nose Herpes virus ensures that Hitler's dreams of an ethnically cleansed gene-pool were completely within reason and rationality and that the world was wrong to try and stop the Master Race from saving us from this biological blight of bastard children.

If nothing else the survival rate of the larval Jew spawn decreases exponentially once properly infected, thereby ensuring at least some measure of self-induced population control to keep the Jews from rampantly overrunning the earth. Likewise, Jew herpes helps non-Jews easily identify the offending race in order to avoid accidental sexual encounters which would otherwise serve to further increase the need of chlorine in the 'ol Jew gene-pool.

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