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Reita in her natural state.
Reita comes to terms with her ailment.
This picture was once believed to have been Reita doing the right thing. It was later revealed it was just her being herself.
Reita looking suspiciously like Leon from RE4.

MexisxReitaxchan is a self-proclaimed otaku who has arguably set American perception of Japanese culture back to World War II levels. Not much as known about her leading to her perception as mysterious albeit in a gay way. She is mainly known as a YouTube troll, however that status has not yet been confirmed.

Who is MexisxReitachan?

Currently much is unknown about her. The following things however can be confirmed as true:

Anything more than this is speculation. Even her true gender is unknown. In the past she has had a history of only responding to positive comments about herself from other otaku and never revealing her gender, or location.


Reita has never acknowledged her gender in any of her YouTube videos or replied to comments concerning it. Her MySpace says female, but as always MySpace is unreliable due to excessive faggotry. Uninteresting enough, her MySpace URL says "BluePrince". Possibly a loose end forgotten about, or a decoy to make her trolling even better? Recently an exciting update occured on her YouTube profile that may lead to one day identifying her as male or female as on of the commenters stated he saw her dong flopping around in one of her videos. However, this may also be an unreliable source due to anyone that would stare at her crotch would instantly have to become an hero.

Sex Life

Reita has been noticed to be sexually attracted to inanimate objects such as:

Many speculate that Reita's behavior may be due to her never getting laid. However, it seems as though part of her not telling her gender maybe due to the fact that only certain people would ever want to fuck her. There has however been an underground movement started to cure her of this problem so she can live as normal of a life as a person like her can.

Troll Status

Due to her refusal to talk to any but a few of the people who comment her, Reita is considered by many to just be a very clever and dedicated troll. In the beginning of the era of her YouTube posts this was widely thought. However, the more time goes by the more people have leaned towards she may actually think this way. The advantage of following Reitaxchan is that you have a win either way.


  • She's the most dedicated troll of all time and she has the chance to be have one of the most epic wins in troll history.


  • She really is the way she acts in her videos and we have the chance to study a true retard.

UPDATE: She admitted to trolling, either this is true, or a desperation maneuver to get us to fuck off.

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