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I feel like I just saw something I wasn't supposed to see...
The best picture of Michelle ever taken.

Michelle Belanger, aka Sethanikeem, aka Puggles, aka Swamp Donkey, a self-proclaimed Transgender vampire Dominatrix, is the supposed founder and mastermind behind House Kheperu. I say 'supposed' because I wouldn't put it past her to try to steal someone else's thunder and ideas. She is well versed and edumacated, but she is also a raging attention whore. She believes herself to be one of the "first psychic vampires in existence", a physical descendant of the Nephilim (you know, those mythological figures of Christian lore that God sent the Great Flood specifically to kill? I guess God doesn't pay attention to the details and one or two got away) and a reincarnated pre-historic Egyptian priest. She made a cult, House Kheperu, to glorify these things.

Funny enough, Psychic Vampire was a phrase coined by Anton Levay and it's hardly complimentary. It refers to someone who takes and takes from you but contributes nothing, which describes Michelle, but I don't think that's how she wants people to see her.

Unlike other attention whores with delusions of grandeur, she is very articulate and charming... if you are in possession of a pussy and like to lick carpet. Though she prefers the hole to the pole, she has been known to jump in the sack with men who she believes are in possession of other worldly power, or if she simply wants to be in their good graces. Either way, she ends up trying to steal the lime light from them and either they kick her to the curb or she gets bored with them and abandons them.

Michelle likes to portray herself as an over-dramatic creature of the night, often affecting a fake accent to score cool points. She has made appearances on several television shows over the past few years, and has spoken at quite a few college campuses and book signings on the wonders that are vampirism and BDSM. She is dedicated to spreading the word about her own greatness and the greatness of the cluster fuck known as the vampire community. If she finds a couple of salivating animu fantards that will let her smack them around with a riding crop, that's also a plus.

Despite claiming to be an "expert" on vampirism and paranormal phenomena, she has no formal education or training on the subjects she speaks of. This is understandable as none of it is fucking real.

Michelle Debunked!!

USA PSI asked Belanger to participate in an impromptu Zener card-guessing experiment, a classic parapsychological test used to determine extrasensory perception (ESP) ability.

She scored seven cards correct out of 25, an average of 28 percent accuracy. Pure chance scores would be five cards right, an average of 20 percent.

To get a complete idea of one's ESP abilities, notable parapsychologist Dr. Carroll B. Nash insists that a minimum of 250 trials be conducted (as in USA PSI's own ESP research study that concluded last week).

Belanger was unable to produce electromagnetic field (EMF) fluctuation, citing travel-related issues and no access to an energy source.

She declined when USA PSI volunteered themselves as energy sources, indicating that she refused to feed off of strangers. Belanger claims to be highly sensitive to human energy fields under optimum conditions.


The Vanguard

Michelle and House Kheperu's spiritual beliefs

Here are some excerpts from Michelle's handbook for her cult, House Kheperu:

"The Greater Initiation involves a ritual death and rebirth which occurs on both the physical and spiritual levels for the initiate. It is visionary and shamanic in nature and forces the initiate to face himself and all that he has been within the boundaries of his own soul. Like all deaths and rebirths, this ritual strips away old identities and assumptions. The little self of this lifetime is subsumed into the greater Self, and the initiate is irrevocably changed. This rite is reserved for only the strongest minds, for any who are weak or filled with fear may not survive the initiation."

"We are predators at heart, even though we are physically indistinguishable from our prey. " Prey here refers to normal human beings.

"Feeding from the Awakened is far more rewarding, as they cultivate their energy bodies, and so the quality of energy is purer and more intense. However, feeding without permission from the Awakened runs you the risk of getting caught." Yes, she just advocated preying on other vampires and otherkin to her cult.

"Do not be misled by the juxtaposition of energy and blood. No cut or puncture is necessary for the transfer to occur. Our ways are far subtler than that. As you draw out life, you draw out a minute amount of blood with the life. Even when there is no physical contact between you and your partner, when the draw is deep enough, this will occur. For this reason, always take care in who you feed from, for a taint in their blood may carry over to you." YES, she just said you can get AIDS from being a psychic vampire!

"By tugging gently on the link with the person, you can make them think of you and draw them to you. With concentration, an especially strong link will enable you to extend your awareness completely enough so your are able to perceive through the other person's senses."

An accurate assessment on Michelle and House Kheperu

Her followers will tell you that if she was really a fraud then she wouldn't be as popular as she is, but people can be fooled, and the more desperate they are for guidance, the easier they are to fool because when people get deperate they are more willing to BE fooled, but just because there are many who believe does not mean they are right.

I will say the word Jonestown and leave you this link for further information. 909 dead in mass suicide. These people also believed the lies told them, unfortunately it cost them more than the large amount of dollars Belanger usually fleeces her believers for in book buying costs and membership fees. It cost them their lives. I wait for the time when Belanger and her close allies will also demand more of their following than money. The Jonestown incident was a tragedy, if it is allowed to happen again it will be a crime. Please be careful of those who instead of telling you what they believe would tell you what you should believe. Of course this is just my opinion.


"Come to Me", an unusually observant otherkin

Biggest WTF Claims

  • She says that if she doesn't "feed" she will fall victim to heart failure and that the practice has kept her from needing a transplant. If this is true then there are millions of people in desperate need for heart transplants that she could help. Does she though? Of course not.
  • She says her name is French for "beautiful angel" to reinforce her claim that she is a living decedent of the Nephilim race, but there are no sources that confirm this. Sure, bel is beautiful and ange is angel, but her name isn't spelled Belange (even though she lies and says that's how Belanger is pronounced). She is the only member of her family to boast that this is the actual translation. It's more likely an English (or even Germanic) name than French. Also, only hack-job amateur genealogists will give you the "beautiful angel" crap. The name probably originated as Beringer if it is indeed French, which means "strong as a bear". Most sites online will tell you this bit of information. Notice how any mention of angels is absent.
  • Due to "past life" experience she believes the US is heading for another depression [1]. Quite frankly, it doesn't take "an eternity old soul" to see that not just the US but the global economy was fucked in the ass by the Bush administration (really, just turn on CNN and you will see all sorts of paranoid dribble from fucking EXPERTS who don't claim they had "wing like growths" removed as a child).
  • Though she now likes to claim her moniker "sethanikeem" is because if she was born male she would have been named Seth, she used to say it was because she felt a deep connection to the god of the underworld, Set. She likes to claim that "anikeem" is Ancient Egyptian for angel, but the concept of such a being is foreign to the culture. Any winged figures were representations of deities, who weren't believed to be in possession of mystical helpers.
  • Since she believes she is an ancient Egyptian Priest, Michelle thinks she knows everything about the language. The truth of the matter is, she finds words that she thinks are pretty or have a "deep meaning" and then mashes them together to form a new word that "modern anthropologists don't know about because it is so old" or some other bullshit. The obvious mendacity of this dodge is indicated by its being exactly the same one used by Mormons to explain why Joseph Smith's translations of known hieroglyphs are shit. When asked to explain the words she has made up or "remembered" from her past lives, she always skirts the issue and never gives any concrete sources or definitions. Swamp Donkey's 'knowledge' doesn't only extend to the language (unable to read or understand any form of Egyptian, not to mention the same idiocy when it comes to hieroglyphs), but also to the history and archaeology of Ancient Egypt. Get a beginner's guide to Egyptian archaeology and test it out for great lulz. Of course, her hapless minions will jump to her defense, which just makes all of it more funny.

Internet Drama


Michelle has taken to slandering other authors and pimping her shit on Wikipedia. Or at least she had been until the admins realized WTF she was doing. She has since been permabanned and will go on butt-hurt tirades about how they discriminated against her.

She also likes to complain that everything unflattering on her wiki page is false (including the fact she has claimed to be born with a penis in the past), but all of the information provided there has come out of her mouth in interviews and press releases.


1. Submit negative review to any of her books.

2. Screen cap resulting shit storm by her fans.

3. ????


Recently a post was made on /x/ about Michelle's cult members stalking and threatening to rape and kill people who submitted negative reviews.

A candidate for Schizophrenia


Michelle has shown on numerous occasions that she has a hard time keeping fantasy separated from reality. She often infuses philosophy and rules from mythology she's misinterpreted, fictional books, games and movies into her cult and encourages her followers to post totally far fetched and random bullshit that to her eyes totally justify and prove her totally made up theories.

This isn't surprising though, as Michelle Belanger is just a totally absorbed and disillusioned roleplayer that took things too far. She didn't start out in the vampire community, but the LARP community. Before she started writing on "occult truths" she moderated and participated in many games.

Her ties to role-playing are evident to this day in her choice of lingo and manner of dress. Saying she dresses like Lestat's even gayer evil brother is an under statement.

It is rumored that she still participates to this day in the game, but it has been rumored that the rumor was started to defame Michelle and that she is above that childishness.

Take a look at her websites and decide for yourself.

Pagan Icon and Author

Michelle,the elderly lesbian magickal vampiyah of evol. Needs a swift kick to the cunt.
Before she cut her hair off, she actually resembled a woman.

Over the years Michelle has published a number of books on the occult, vampirism and sex with angels. Most of her releases are poorly manufactured and marketed pulp novels, but in recent years she has had releases from two notable (if you're Wiccan, that is) publishers. Llewellyn and Weiser, who are known for their flaky pop-culture inspired products and shady authors who make Sylvia Browne look ethical.

Most of her erotic fiction is either self-published and purchasable online, or through random gothic back-alley publishers who are gone in a couple months. This is understandable, as no competent business person would touch her low-brow uninspired smut.

Her most notorious release is The Psychic Vampire Codex which has garnered jeers and sneers from vampires and skeptics alike due to her shameless self-promotion and gloating. There is very little information (I use this term to describe ideas other than "Michelle/House Kheperu is awesome") in this book. It's basically Michelle's tale of how she formed and liberated the vampire community (that predates her foray into LARP) and everyone there in should bow down, suck her cock, and join her cult. No, seriously.

Whoring of her writing can be found here and here. But if you don't feel like paying, follow some of these links:

Look out for This Heart of Flame where Michelle fantasizes about being a man who gets corn holed regularly.

Michelle as an entertainer

Michelle has tried her hand at modeling, singing and acting, thus giving trolls ammo and gawkers everywhere mild lulz. The fact that she has declared herself a spokes-vamp for the entire community out side of House Kheperu ensures that we have numerous lulz around Halloween when every network airs their shitty vampire specials in an attempt to scare and gross-out normal folks and give aging goths like Michelle a self-rightous hard on.

It's quite lulz worthy, if you can stand the blond chicks flat voice.


Her status as an expert on the vampire subculture recently got her on FOX News, trying to look all serious and legit and scaring the NORPs of America by saying "ZOMG VAMPIRES TTLY GO TO CHURCH!!!" Any reasonable person knows this is utter bullshit because the only time vampires ever leave their parents basement is they've grown out of it.

Michelle has appeared several times on a ghost hunting TV show called "Paranormal State" [2]. On the show she plays an IRL psychic (OH FUCK, wut?! not a vampire or angel or Egyptian priest or nephilim!). Paranormal State is a "docu-drama reality television series". More info about Paranormal State can be found here.

sHE's spechule


Pink Spider (looking like an even moar coked-up Britney Spears. That or she smells the bullshit Michelle is full of.) and her carpet-munching lord and master, Michelle. Michelle considers ED a tabloid, even though it rarely mentions anyone of real worth.


How quickly love turns to hate...
With another potential victim.

She has had alliances with Don Henrie and Todd Hoyt in the past. Don claimed that she was trying to make him into her puppet, so he pushed her away. She is scorned, but she still hangs onto him, trying to drain out anything she can from his already dead career and non-existent fame.

She was friends with Todd, going so far as to call him her brother. When they broke off their friendship, she not only bad mouthed the sick fuck, she claimed he stole her material (which she stole from various role playing games, creating a black hole of copyright infringement).

She wrote about it in her livejournal, and then proceeded to heavily edit the complaints. This is the post in its unedited entirety:

"This post is an open letter intended to reach all of you in livejournal land and beyond. I am hoping that as many of you in the vampire community as possible stop by to read this. For those of you not interested in vampire politics, I suggest you just move along, or simply read this for curiosity's sake.

Since late 1998, I have worked with Father Sebastian Todd. Our initial partnership began after my work was plagiarized in his Vampyre Almanac 1998-1999. The material plagiarized was originally published in the 1997 Monolith Graphics Art Calendar. I touch upon this in my book, The Psychic Vampire Codex, but at Sebastian's insistence, left out the specified incident of plagiarism because he did not want to look bad.

At the time, Father Sebastian alleged that he had no idea who sent him the material. As reparation, he offered to have me write for the next Almanac -- without pay, of course. To this day, I am certain that Todd himself plagiarized my work, and this knowledge in part influenced my decision to work with him on future projects.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but I had been plagiarized before, and as a relative no-name, I had discovered just how hard it is to call someone to task for intellectual theft. I felt that if I worked with a known plagiarist, at least I would have some say in how my work was presented and I would be much more likely to be able to keep my name attached to that work. In later years, another factor that kept me working with Todd was the fact that I could influence him to be less destructive to the community -- my revisions of the black person Veil are a sign of this, as Todd's version that first appeared on the Sanguinarium website was criticized by many as reading like a bad rehash of The Traditions of the Masquerade. It was.

Last week, after many long and eventful years, my House and I decided to bring our association with Father Sebastian Todd to an end. For multiple infractions that have built up over a span of years but have specifically reached a head over the past 8 months, Father Sebastian Todd is no longer an ally of House Kheperu. Subsequently, he is no longer someone who can use our name, reprint our work, "borrow" our ideas, or otherwise continue to enlarge his own projects with our creativity, inspiration, or reputation.

First, I want everyone to understand that this was not done lightly. Ever since I first started working the Father Sebastian Todd in 1998, I have had various people approach me and warn me not to work with him. More people than I can count have approached me over the years with complaints against him and reasons for why our association should end. Until recently, I never felt there was sufficient evidence for such a drastic move. However, over the course of the past year or so, a number of events, incidents, disagreements, and issues have built to a point where the cessation of his ally status was inevitable.

When the infractions are based on material reported to us by another, be assured that we have acquired the text of letters, IM logs, chat transcripts, and other primary evidence to back up each individual's claims. Furthermore, the individual infractions are not limited to single incidents but represent a repeated pattern that cannot at this point be resolved. The material we have on file will remain private as it contains peoples' names and we have no desire to spread further drama and recriminations throughout the community. Just understand that by our exacting standards, it is more than sufficient to prove each case.

Here are the main points that inspired this radical decision:

Primary Infractions of Father Sebastian Todd:

Stating that House Kheperu is sponsoring events without first gaining permission from the House. Further, not even notifying House Members that we were supposedly sponsoring the events

Presenting himself under a known alternate ID as an ally of House Kheperu to other houses and then implying or outright stating that House Kheperu supports the issues and/or policy changes he is attempting to enforce in said houses.

Reprinting material from members of the House in his publications without first acquiring permission to do so. (plagiarism)

Frequently taking ideas and partial writings from the House for reprint in his own publications without proper attribution. (intellectual theft)

Misrepresenting concepts, ideas, and teachings from House Kheperu.

Attempting to recruit an established member of House Kheperu. Furthermore, attempting to use sex to do so, via a third party.*

Misrepresenting House Kheperu and/or its members to potential members and other individuals within the community.

Ordinarily, when someone becomes an ally or loses that status, we treat it as a private matter. It is only because of the very public identity of Sebastian and the widely known nature of our association that we make this a public matter on our boards. For the sake of peace in the community, we do not wish to debate the matter further.

We also wish to take this time to apologize to anyone in any order, coven, or house who has been approached by Todd, a member of House Sahajza, or its affiliates using our name. If any person claiming to be abbon of House Kheperu has attempted to inform you of our opinions or policies, they had no right to speak with our voice. They did this without our knowledge or our consent.

House Kheperu has no interest in dictating policy to other houses or individuals. If someone attempts to tell you what to do, using our name to back up their credibility, they are abusing both us and you.

If you run a vampire-related House, Order, or Website, please reprint this letter in its entirety. I am especially distressed to learn that Todd frequently used my name and the name of House Kheperu in private correspondence to lend credibility to his claims and demands. He never had permission to do this. If he has run an event and our name has been attached to it, he has never even asked if he could use that name. Some abuses I can tolerate when it's for the good of the community, but too many of the liberties he has taken with us have hurt the community I love.

--Michelle Belanger

*Ordinarily, we have no problem with our members joining other organizations. It is the fact that Sebastian has railed against other individuals who have sought to recruit his members that we take this into consideration at all. Our members can come and go as they please, but we feel that by Sebastian's own standards, a concerted effort to draw them away represents a serious insult to us and our House."


—TL;DR Michelle A. Belanger

These "issues" only became a problem when she wasn't involved in Todd's sex life anymore.


With URN, a band she tried to steal from her "friend" Sophia.
Barf dude.



  • LiveJournal
  • She writes for Paranormal Insider DELETED when she got cast on The Real World Schizophrenia Paranormal State, because appealing to the "paranormal-reality" casting directors was all it was for.
  • She is a published author on Otherkin.net
  • She is a published author on The Witches Voice DELETED. She was too crazy for the witches.

Interviews and Articles

See Also

Typical fans.
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