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Their wacky logo. is a website where anybody can upload pictures of anything on its /ed in the dropbox (limit of over 9000 uploads per 24 hours). It was intended for pictures such as goatse, bestiality porn, mutilation, murder, Pain, etc... After a while though, people uploaded all sorts of shit and used it as both a new photobucket aund a new 12chan.

There was a brief time in which OVER 9000 shoop da whoop images were uploaded, but lulz-killers complained. There was also a forum for spambots, and lurkers. Then, last Thursday, MOID suddenly disappeared then unfortunately re-appeared. There are a few conspiracy theories as to why MOID died but nobody knows the truth/gives a fuck. Moid is alive again but the faggotry still remains, the site is now dominated by lulz-killers and lurkers posting shitty generic porn and old memes.


One of the reasons for MOID's epic shittitude is that it's administrator doesn't give a shit. After it's second resurrection, the administrator added a report button with caption "admin plz". Of course it didn't do jack shit, except giving the users a feeling that there's someone behind that shit, but truth be told, he doesn't give half a fuck about the few lurkers actually present on the shitty forum. There is now a shitty system where 13 year old boys and other retards can rate their Google porn up and rate the shit the site was made for down. Without notice, Moid died yet again on the 6th of July 2010 with a single photo of a party van left on the site, leading most dwellers of the site to shit buckets fearing Moid was in trouble. A short while later the beloved admin proved his loyalty and commitment to the site, by putting the domain up for sale. Of course no dweller of Moid could meet his utterly fair and reasonable price so the domain and Moid disappeared forever.

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