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The man, the myth, the beast.

Mr Beast (formerly known as MrBeast6000) is a 21 year old YouTuber who talks to stickers on his bedroom walls, smashes laptops, has more money than sense, plays Minecraft (despite claiming repeatedly that he hates it), and sits in his room all day long, making fun of little kids on the internet. The only reason his videos are popular, is because he uses clickbait to shill gullible little children into watching his boring videos, to make a quick buck off them. One of his more popular series, the "worst intros" on Youtube, is where he watches video clips of little kids scribble on pieces of paper and wave them violently around, and then proceed to talk about them for ten fucking minutes. Not to mention that most of his fans are eight years olds who think Roblox and Minecraft are the best games ever, and jokes about drinking bleach are the funniest thing ever invented. You can see this by browsing the comment section of any one of his videos.

Mr Beast's real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and resides in the redneck state of North Carolina. He prefers to sit in his room all day, cover up the windows with paper, and stare into a camera lens, talking about some inane subject that nobody cares about.

Subscribe for a free car.


—Jimmy, goading little kids into subscribing to his shitty channel.


The Man, the Myth, the Beast

Nothing he does is original. Every joke, meme, video idea, etc. he uses has been done before by other faggoty, unfunny Youtubers before him.


MrBeast's Youtube channel emblem. He's a furry, too?
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The keyboard, that, apparently, changed his life. Spoiler: it's an overpriced piece of shit.
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The average Mr Beast fan.
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The beast's girlfriend.

Mr Beast's content is, simply put, desperation for Youtube views. He tries to be original with his content, but, in reality, is just another clickbaiting faggot. If it weren't for the thousands of little kids who subscribe to him on a regular basis, his content wouldn't be popular at all. No logical person would ever fall for his terrible misleading video titles.

Shit He Does In His Videos

  • Watching paint dry
  • Making bleach jokes
  • Playing with fidget spinners
  • Playing Minecraft
  • Playing Roblox
  • Making fun of little kids who play Minecraft and Roblox
  • Spending his Youtube revenue on stupid shit, like that $1000 keyboard
  • Doing bleach bottle flips
  • Making fun of little kids who make shitty videos
  • Wasting his life
  • Drinking bleach with his roommate
  • Looking at, and buying stupid shit on Amazon
  • Counting to 100,000
  • Reading the entire Bible
  • Talking to stickers on his bedroom walls
  • Encouraging his young audience to scream "Mr Beast" out in public, with lots of people around
  • Microwaving shit
  • Smashing laptops
  • ... anything else that will generate him Youtube revenue, no matter how stupid, or insane.


Worst X Ever

These are videos of him, sitting at his computer, commenting on peoples' (often little kids) shitty Youtube-related content. This includes Youtube banners, intros, Youtube channels themselves, entire videos, video thumbnails, and sometimes Amazon product reviews. As if anyone really cares about those things. These videos are often filled with unfunny Minecraft and bleach jokes, and time fillers to lengthen the video to ten minutes (Youtube pays you more if your video is ten minutes or longer).

The most popular subseries of this series, is the "worst intros on Youtube", where he comments on, and makes jokes about little kids' Youtube intros. Due to their psychographic nature, most of these "intros" are filled with Minecraft cancer. Worse yet, a growing number of these "intros" are little kids scribbling their Youtube name on a piece of paper, and then dancing in front of a camera with it, like a retard. And, combine those videos with Mr Beast's content, and you've got yourself an unfunny, swirling, shit vortex of anti-lulz.

The cringe

Microwaving Or Blowing Up X

Mr Beast buys several microwave ovens with his Youtube revenue, so he can put random shit inside, microwave it at full power, and film the results. These videos are the epitome of clickbait. Pretty soon, he's gonna burn his house down with this shit.

As usual, nothing actually blows up, but, rather, the microwave breaks, and the video ends. Not very climactic. Booooooring.

Mr Beast, blowing shit up with microwaves

X For 24 Hours

This is another popular video series. Only this time, the videos are 10, or more, hours long. The shit he's done for 24 hours, proving he has no life, and lives solely off of Youtube revenue, includes: playing with a fidget spinner, reading the Bible, counting to X, among other boring shit nobody would care to watch at all, let alone for that long.

IRL Pranks

Basically, shit that's already been done by other, more popular, Youtubers, namely, FouseyTUBE. Therefore, not original. Apparently, persuading his "girlfriend" to participate in a "prank" where she drops a box of pennies out in public, is the best thing he can come up with. Not only is he terrible at making videos, but also at pulling pranks.

Showing Off

Basically, he just shows off the stuff he bought off of eBay or Amazon. Not that he needed to buy any of these things, of course. It's likely that he a) wanted some new content for his already boring videos, or b) wanted to demonstrate his Youtube revenue, like some kind of stuck up rich kid. And the stuff isn't even useful; it's a bunch of overpriced junk from China. Once again, booooooooring.


Pretty much self-explanatory; MrBeast seeks out little kids or sad nerds livestreaming, donates a huge chunk of money to them (because apparently he has a never-ending stream of revenue despite his mediocre view counts), but instead of doing so in such a way that said kid/nerd would be wondering who this charitable individual was, he normally feels the need to shill his channel. This has had the side effect of his subscribers whining and begging for free money.

Replying to Comments Like a Retard

So, basically, he's grown tired of making fun of little kids directly in his videos, so out comes a new series of videos from his channel: Replying to Comments Like a Retard. Basically, he trolls the shit out of little kids who take the internet so fucking seriously to elicit a reaction from them. Due to the raging nature of children, baiting them and getting them mad is a cake walk. Often times, they do get mad, which is fucking hilarious, but not because Donaldson is a good troll, but because kids will get mad at almost anything on the internet that they don't like, and smash their keyboards over it.

MrBeast: Exposed

Apparently, MrBeast is a fraud. Who knew? The "giveaways" he advertises in his videos are faker than a pair of Hollywood tits. In fact, he just buys a bunch of random junk from China on Amazon, makes a video about it, claiming that it's $up3r c001 shit, that does X, and "promises" to give it away to a fan. For example, the iTunes gift card codes he's "given away" for free. The fact of the matter is: all of the cards are already used, and therefore useless. And the fresh cards he does scratch on video, are only meant to tease his audience into believing that he actually cares about them. It looks like Jimmy, here, is after money from his young fans' parents.

Mr Beast is Dying

The king of all Mr Beast's clickbait videos. Well, there's only one correction to make: it's only clickbait to his retarded fans, as they're the ones who are the most likely to click on it, as anyone with a brain inside their fucking skulls, would never watch any single one of his videos. In the video, he simply schedules tweets to occur several years in the future, nothing more. Most of the tweets were just unfunny nonsense, such as "Idubbz, you are ugly." and "Has Trump killed us all yet?" among other things.

Unfortunately, he's not dying. At least anytime soon.


Subscribe to my channel and I'll marry you!


—Jimmy Donaldson, being a faggot.

You do realize it is illegal to dox people and give out their name and high shcool [sic], right?


—Jimmy Donaldson, ignorant of the definition of dox.

I love your nipples on your dog in africa because pineapplez are cool


—Jimmy Donaldson, replaying to comments like a retard.

The song name is darude sandstorm


—Jimmy Donaldson, Attempting to be funny.

Doesn't matter becuase you will never get a million views.


—Jimmy Donaldson, crusing a tweenager's dreams.

How to Be MrBeast

As MrBeast is living proof that you can make a "successful" channel, by using overused jokes, memes, and ideas, even a complete nobody like you, can gain 1 million subscribers by following these six simple steps:

  1. Make your own video of you making fun of little kids' Youtube videos
  2. Use clickbait to get your pre-pubescent fans to watch your shitty videos
  3. Make lots of bleach/suicide jokes in your video (little kids love these, and will spam them all over the comment section, attempting to be funny)
  4. Post a gay comment on your video like "Like this video and win a free blow job." Then pin it and watch the reaction.
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!!!!!1

Simple, huh?

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