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So i herd u liek mudseks

MUDsex is truthfully just plain old cybersex, but done on a MUD while roleplaying. Whereas cybersex is usually all about teh internet pussy, MUDsexers usually develope actual feelings for their 'partners' despite being across the world from each other (cf. Moron). A typical example of mudsex follows, complete with incest and vampirism roleplay.

MUDsex log stolen from Achaea

Mulisha strokes your cheek, tilting his face torwards yours as he kises you softly, sweetly. His tongue slips into your mouth to entwine with yours, his arms wrapping around your waist, holding you close against him. "What would Mother think if she saw us right now?" he says with a grin, nipping at the soft skin of your neck playfully.

Mystie parts from your kiss and whispers teasingly into your ear, "It is only becoming of the Mistress of Lust, is it not?" Runs her delicate fingers down your neck, feeling every little curve.

Mulisha shivers as he feels your fingers on him, sitting up and slowly pushing you onto your back. He straddles your waist, smiling down at you. "I think She'd enjoy the show," giving you another tender kiss. He goes to work on removing your bodice, tossing it aside. He begins to slowly descend down your body, planting a trail of kisses down your neck, pausing to admire your breasts.

Mystie lets her fingers run down your front, pausing to playfully pinch your nipples. She licks her crimson lips voluptuously, while vainly tossing back her fiery hair. She pulls your head down and kisses you tenderly, touching your tongue with hers.

Mulisha lets his tongue slide against yours, enjoying every moment of this. His hands come up to gently palm your breasts, his fingers rubbing back and forth over your stiffened nipples. He pulls away from the kiss, inching his body downwards, tracing the tip of his tongue along one of your nipples as his thumb brushes the other. His free hand caresses along your inner thigh.

Mystie shudders at your touch, closing her eyes to savor the feeling. She smiles wickedly, revealing sharp fangs that have stole countless amounts of blood from numerous victims in the past. Hissing softly in pleasure, she caresses your neck with her fingers, feeling the softness of your skin.

Mulisha tilts his head to the side to allow you better access to his neck, growing increasingly excited as he waits to feel your fangs pierce his skin. His hand continues to travel along your thigh, sliding under your skirt to gently brush his fingers against your panties.

Mystie slowly nibbles at your neck, letting her tongue savor the taste of your skin. Tenderly, she pierces your neck with her fangs, a look of pure malevolence in her violet eyes as the vampiress within takes hold. As blood begins to slowly pour out of your wounds, she begins to drink ravenously, the sweet sanguine liquid filling her mouth.

Mulisha lets out a soft groan, a mixture of pain and pleasure. "Mmm, you know just what I like," he murmurs into your ear. As you drink from him, he pulls your panties aside and very slow rubs his middle finger between your folds, feeling your moistness.

Mystie closes her eyes, lost within the pleasure of her feeding. She runs her hands up and down your back, her fingernails leaving marks behind as she claws your skin in the intensity of the blood. Her delicate frame shivers gently as waves of pleasure cascade across her body.

Mulisha closes his eyes and enjoys the sensations. Slowly, he lifts his head and gazes at you. "Are you trying to sire me?" he says with a smile, slipping a single finger inside you to stroke your velvety inner walls.

Mystie withdraws her fangs from your neck to reply teasingly, "Are you worthy...?" Licks playfully at your nipples, running her tongue over its rough surface. Then she returns to drinking the flow of blood running out of your neck, eyes closed once more in ecstasy.

Mulisha's eyes glaze over with lust as he feels your growing wetness, adding a second finger inside you, curving them slightly. "You tell me," he whispers, a bulge growing in his pants which he grinds against you. "I've never been with a vampiress before, is feeding the only thing that pleasures you?" he asks coyly, his thumb slowly brushing around your hooded clit.

Mystie lets a soft moan escape from her lips, shivering at your touch. Smiling teasingly, she whispers back softly, "I suppose you'll just have to...find out." Lowering her hand down to your bulge, she traces a fingertip in a circular pattern. She kisses you on your lips, pushing her tongue down your throat, feeling the wetness of your mouth.

Mulisha hungrily returns the kiss, his tongue melting against yours as his fingers stir around inside you. Breaking the kiss, he gazes at you once more, manuevering his body so hes laying between your thighs. He begins to plant trails and kisses and licks along your tummy, tasting your sweet skin as he works his way downwards. Pulling his fingers out of you, he raises them to his mouth and sucks, savoring the taste of your juices. "Mmm, as good as I imaged," he teases. Taking your skirt in both hands, he slowly raises it and bunches the fabric around your waist.

Mystie laughs melodiously when you kiss her tummy, the sound of wind and water in her voice. The heat of Lust grows infernally within her and drops of sweat beads out on her skin, her breathing becoming slightly heavier. She puts a hand on your head, finger entwined in your hair.

Mulisha stops his trail of kisses when his head is positioned betwen your thighs, gazing directly at your panties. He hooks his thumbs into the waistband and slowly tugs them down your smooth, sensual legs, the scent of your sex filling the air. When your panties are off completely, he lowers his head and very slowly traces his tongue along your slit.

Mystie moans sensually when she feels your tongue. She runs her fingers down her sweaty body, purring softly, before moving on to caress your neck and chest. She licks her lips and whispers into your ear, " the tiger!"

Mulisha reaches up and deftly spreads your folds with two fingers, the tip of his tongue circling your budding clit. He closes his lips around the tiny nub and sucks gently, listening to your moans of pleasure. He slides his fingers inside you again, curving them to stroke your hidden spot as he bathes your clit with his tongue.

Mystie gasps and moans audibly, pleasure washing over her body. Eyes closed, she shudders at the feeling of your tongue inside of her. She puts her hands around your neck, grasping it for support as the intensity of her pleasure cascades all over her. Lust burning bright in her, she begs for more.

Mulisha decides to be a little bold and slides his tongue farther down, making circles around your tightly clenched bottomhole before going back to your clit, sucking feverishly in an effort to make you cum. As his fingers pump in and out of you, he nibbles and bites down on your clit, dragging his tongue over it.

Mystie your tongue movement within her sends new waves of pleasure colliding through her, sending her over the edge as she comes, shuddering visibly and moaning loudly.

Mulisha smiles, sitting up and gazing at you. Laying down next to you, he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you gently, letting you taste yourself on his lips.

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