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This running dude is all about writing.

(Inter)National Novel Writing Month, the preferred name for the month also called November, when tens of thousands of people write novels featuring zombies.

Although many criticize nanowrimo for how its novels are churned out, boring, bloated, crap--most bestselling novels are exactly the same way. Once an author gets on the bestseller list, their days of caring about the reader are over. Their writing is done by staying up several days straight, drunk on booze, and churning out boring garbage (for instance in Michael Crichton's Prey, the entire first half of the novel was crap. It should have been completely chopped off. I skipped the entire first half and didn't miss a thing) and then shipping it off to the publishing house, where they have an editor (or sometimes multiple--for instance Stephen King admits that he wrote Dreamcatcher entirely in pen, in cursive and he has the worst handwriting evar) who fixes the book and gets it ready to sell.

Also, many of nanowrimo are churned out junk that lack originality, but that is what sells. Businesses are afraid of new ideas. Movies publish rehashes of old movies and comic books they knew would sell instead of taking a chance on a new idea.

So basically, churning out pure garbage by writing an entire novel in one month will guarantee you a bestseller. And yes, many of the nanowrimo novels get purchased and commercially published. Just be sure to tell your agent you worked on it for three years.

Suggested Topics

NaNoWriMo Forums

Since ranting for fifty thousand words is too difficult for some people the forums contain various sections each dedicated to helping you bullshit your way through the necessary word count.

Plot Doctoring

Don't know what to do next? Let some random internet person tell you!

Reaching 50,000!

Other hacks will help you cheat.

Genre Lounges

Pop Culture vs. Cowboy Faggotry

After Ang Lee successfuly extracted a 62" turd from his gaping homo anus and called it Brokeback Mountain, many of 2006's NaNoWriMo entries were about unrequited gay love stories. In this case, the only zombie's involved in the story were the slackjacked fucktards who think a cock in the anus (or lack of one) is a suitable primary plot device.

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