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Ninjas can't catch you will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.


Ninjas can't catch you was a Fisher Price My First Meme kit dropped into /b/ in late 2008, cruelly stolen from the Dr McNinja webcomic, reducing the amount of win on that site into a 5-second shitshorm of unoriginality, a fascinating study into how a board can snatch fail from the jaws of win.

One has to admire the workmanship with which NCCY was constructed as an insta-meme. Simple graphic, adaptable in seconds to avoid the thread falling off the front page, and has ninjas in it. Amazingly, though (or maybe not that amazingly), NCCY became a victim to its own lowest comment detrollinator frequency combined with an atmosphere in which starving /b/tards will set upon any original content in a feeding frenzy.

The thread was pages long within seconds, with everyone adding one more turd to the mountain with gems such as "Ninjas can't catch you because THIS IS SPARTA!" "Ninjas can't catch you if you're OVER 9,000!" "Ninjas can't catch you because YOU ARE A PIRATE!" and so forth. The moral of this sad story? Just let original content happen, or your fucking website will turn into Something Awful.

This just sums up /b/. Great idea, terrible execution.



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