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Noby Noby Boy is a failure of a video game. Supposedly, the game's creators tried to make a game for people who usually do not play video games. Instead, this "game" turned out to be some sort of simulation of a drug trip.


What do you do?

Nothing! The whole objective of the game is to make your Noby Noby Boy long and big enough to impress Noby Noby Girl. While doing that, you can eat and shit out objects around the map that you are placed on. Of course there is no point to eating and shitting these objects and people though since all you are trying to do is impress the giant cunt in the sky, Noby Noby Girl. The thing about Noby Noby Girl is that she grows. The more she grows, the more planets will be available to the player and others on the internet. These planets will allow new levels and such for people to "play" on.


Since the creators of Noby Noby Boy wanted to use the Playstation Network (PSN) to their advantage, they had to make an online play component that was somewhat unique. After you hand in your "score" to Noby Noby Girl (the large tapeworm hovering over the earth) the length of your Noby Noby Boy adds to the length of Noby Noby Girl. As she get longer, she goes to planets. At the moment she has reached the moon, but that is retarded since the moon isn't a planet. This sets somewhat of a goal, but what happens when they reach the gas giants you might ask? The answer to that question is you get to walk and do nothing on them like all of the other planets.


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