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Parents for the Online Safety of Children

The POSC anti-furry banner

Parents for the Online Safety of Children, or POSC, was supposedly created in 1997 by an organization of concerned citizens who are anti-pedophile and anti-furry.

Work by Internet detectives suggested that the POSC may never have existed at all, except as a front for some guy who enjoys making up semi-fake charities and convincing people to send him money. The same guy ran a charity for earthquake victims that was also suing Wikipedia, and he himself enjoyed threatening to sue people for trademark infringement because they used his name.

This, however, was incorrect, because the press releases were sent out by trolls to various websites, one run by Greg Lloyd Smith who then used the press release without crediting the original site, and instead supplanting his, that fuck. This just goes to show that internet detectives don't know what they're talking about. I do, since I wrote the goddamn press release, fucktards. I lol'ed when wikifuck internet detectives can't get their research right.

Whether the POSC was ever a legitimate organization, or whether WHBT, their website has long since disappeared. We may never know. Actually, we do now, since it was a troll front of ex-GNAA IRC fags.

Funny Quotes/Paraphrases from Their Work

Direct proof of an invasion of perverts into wikipedia's administration is proven by the user ContiE. This person is interested in his hobbies of BDSM and furries. What are furries? What is a furry? Furries are characterized by their deviant lifestyle of having sex with animals. ContiE is a wikipedia admin. His contribution history is rife with animal rape. ContiE ensures the pervert point of view is protected.

Bushytails is another of The Furry Subculture that doesn’t believe in "traditional gender roles". He's contributed to wikipedia by writing the article for strap-on dildos and taking 450 pictures of them. No shit, srsly...

Wikipedian Zetawolf admits on his website that, "I like computers and animals - the last being one of the more significant here. You see, I have a sexual attraction to animals. Though, if you got here, you probably figured that out by now, hm?" This perv can be reached through [email protected], zetawolf on AOL Instant Messenger, or

When STrRedWolf isn't defending animal-rape on wikipedia, he's busy drawing a weasel entertaining a mutated tiger and some sort of poorly drawn animal fondling the beach balls of another animal. This material is downright disgusting and vulgar, and these kind of people are allowed into wikipedia freely.

One user, who goes by the name of Zanthalon, writes on his profile, "Many of you have commented that the majority of my edits are on pedophilia-related articles. This is an area of interest for me since I am myself a pedophile, a girllover to be specific." He then goes on to add the standard disclaimer that is echoed by many convicted child molesters, "I would stress, however, that, I am not a child molester, having never broken the law or engaged in any intimate physical activities with any persons under the statutory age of consent".

Zanthalon is not without fellow pedophiles at WikiPedia. LuxOfTKGL shares pleasantries with his friend Zanthalon, and says that it is "nice to see you here." You see, Zanthalon and LuxOfTKGL keep in touch on a frequent basis outside of WikiPedia, as they're quite familiar with each other. They're part of the pedophile underground that has infiltrated WikiPedia.

LuxOfTKGL is a self-admitted "girl-oriented childlover" and a "born-again Christian." Quite clearly one can see the recent scandals of pedophiles infiltrating the Catholic church for easy access to children, and there is no doubt that LuxofTKGL is following the same pattern. Especially when one reads what LuxOfTKGL has to write about sexual relations with children. Keep in mind he is a friend of Zanthalon, who claims to not have had any sexual relationship with children:

"I would like to see child-orientated pedophiles, openly allowed to be around children, without having to keep the issue of their sexuality a secret. I would like to see the public, come to accept that such peoples are not dangerous, and that having them around children, or even trusting them with the care of a child, is not a risk. "We have a long way to go before such goals can be achieved, but I try as I may, whenever I can, to open the eyes of the ignorant on this matter, and ask for their understanding.

"I live as a GOD worshipping, child-lover, Blessed as long as I long as I put him first". But I put children second."

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