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Phonetrace is a website that gives off as a way to track people's mobile phone locations, though this is not exactly true. The site is a cheap trolling method, and is only worth really using when you can see the victim's face. The site works similarly to the scary maze game, as an easy method to have cheap, hollow lulz. The site calls itself a 'Beta' although it probably hasn't ever been updated and never will be. The site is ultimately very simple, and whoever said "The simplest solutions are the best" has obviously never been there.

The troll itself is basically the same as that of the scary maze game. The site will accept just about any number with at least 6 characters, and no matter what you put in you end up with a short loop video of gay buttsecks backed by Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Right Round". The humour is in that the faggot on the receiving end's dick spins around in the video loop.

Other useless information includes:

  • The site has a blue and green logo.
  • The site has a white background.
  • The site seems to suffer from a case of USI.

Using Phonetrace

Trolling with Phonetrace is even easier than Omegle.

Step 1, copy this URL:

Step 2, Paste the URL and send it to your victim.

Step 3, Get them on webcam, because otherwise it won't really be funny.

Step 4, Watch their facial expression go off the Richter scale.

And that's it! I'll bet you still feel as underachieved and worthless as you did before.

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