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Featured Article - The Fairly OddParents

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The Fairly OddParents is a Nickelodeon cartoon starring a ten-year-old boy (Timmy Turner) with wish-granting fairies (Cosmo and Wanda) spending each episode solving a problem he himself wished for. Despite the already ridiculous concept and substandard animation, the series only got worse as it went on and evolved into a plague of cookie cutter writing and repetitive gags. Some argue the series' downfall began with the introduction of Poof, a fairy baby who Timmy wished for because Cosmo and Wanda couldn't have one of their own. Others say that it was the unimaginably unnecessary live-action movie and its Christmas spinoff. Regardless, all that matters now is that the show currently sucks.



People enjoy watching pure concentrated shit. Since the invention of shit, people have needed to make the shit appear before them without the pesky odor. Various media were created, but (until the internet) the greatest deliverer of shit to the largest number of people was television.

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