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Snapchat is yet another photo sharing app created by yet another group of ivy league losers who decided that there simply wasn't enough ways to allow 16-year-old girls to send duckfaces to their insipid friends. It is, at least, the very first piece of social media to recognize that no selfie has ever been important enough to deserve to exist for more than 10 seconds.

Snapchat is currently one of the top five social networking platforms, along with Failbook, Twitter, and Instagram, thus proving once again that there's never such as thing as an oversaturated marketplace on the internets. Facebook, trying in vain to prevent their continued downward spiral into obscurity, attempted to purchase Snapchat for $3 billion, but was denied, thus cementing their eventual internment in the Halls of Fail, just like Myspace, and literally anything else Christopher Poole has done before them.


You've got to love Social Networking sites. Where else can you stalk people online while at the same time getting praised for posting pictures of your food? Where else can you find millions of other no-lifes such as yourself who collect likes, followers, and karma as if doing so will actually change the world? So here it is, a portal for websites where one can become famous by simply existing.


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