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The People's Communist Republic of Wikipedia, commonly shortened to simply Wikipedia, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which participants play editors of a hypothetical online encyclopedia. The site is mainly used by fatties who sit on their asses all day in their mother's basement which has been their home since their early twenties. The goal is to try to insert misinformation as well as pushing a point of view that is randomly assigned, while preventing any contrary information from being entered by others. Players with similar misinformation will generally form guilds in order to aid one another. You can find most ED trolls there, too.

Wikipedian of the Now — Jimbo Wales


Jimbo Wales (aka "Sole Flounder") is a long-time operator of pr0n sites, a notorious con artist and the ghey founder of the Wikimedia Foundation. Always humble, Wales claims that he makes the Internets "not suck." Jimbo Wales is also the god-king of the Wikimedia Foundation, which rules over such projects as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks (including Wikijunior and Wikiversity), Wikisource, In Memoriam 9/11, Wikimedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikispecies, Wikinews, Mediawiki, Metawiki and Nupedia—all in Esperanto! From the name Jimbo Wales, "Jimbo" has become the common term in urban language for an old, dirty, and broken condom that has been used by multiple users.


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The kind of fucked-up shit you find on Wikipedia.

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Britannica on the bathroom wall.

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