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Push Butan Receev Bacon

Push Butan Receev Bacon is another one of those 4Chan memes that originates from a pointless photoshop pasty lol-trolls create whilst waiting for their retarded mother's cornbread to heat up. At least 100 years ago, like the The Sandwich Chef that preceded it, a simple panel became the source of much lulz and confusion. Well, not really - Push Butan Receev Bacon scores very low on the lulzometer because it's both boring, and not very memorable. As such it has since been ignored off of the internet.

Other Examples Of Misspelt Memes

Noone can spell on the internet



These are just the tip of the iceberg. These lists would go on forever if this Wiki attempted to list all memes that relied on typing fast and trying to fap at the same time.

More Pointless, Shitty Variants That Irritate The Rectum.

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