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A picture from "What droid would you most like to fuck?
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The famous "wall of text".

Quizilla.com is was one of a growing number of Internets sites to be populated exclusively by teenage girls. Its main appeal was that it allows users to design their own epic, 36-part quizzes about whether or not vampires would fall in love with you. Quizzes are mainly for useless fucks who can't even keep up with emo whining about homework, chafed penile skin, or the latest musings over Veronica Mars. Quizilla finally shut down in October 2014, causing 12-year-olds to flock to Quotev.

Quizilla quizzes

The online quizzes form the core content of the site, allowing their creators a vast number of questions (sometimes as many as five) to ascertain the character of the person taking their quiz and generate one of three results to accurately sum up that person. The questions and answers are both left completely open-ended, which enables quiz-makers to devise truly unique quizzes, comprised of anything from the trivial "What's your favorite color?" to the philosophical "What kind of clothes do you like to wear?"

Additionally, you can create quizzes like "Which airborne pathogen are you?" or "What odor is your creamy vaginal discharge?"

The colors and backgrounds of quizzes are also fully customizable and, as such, it is a common practice for site members to compete with each other and see whose flashing, animated background can cause the other to go into convulsions the quickest.

At the time of this writing, the most popular and highly-rated quizzes of the day included:

  • Who is ur Naruto BF!?!?11 (GURLS ONLY PLZ)(with pics)
  • Why would a Vampier care about me (girls only) part 3
  • How Well Do You Know Uzumaki Naruto? (HARD)
  • Who would fall in LOVE with you? A vampire, demon, or an angel? PART 6 [Answer truthfully! Cause there is different endings in the results!]
  • Would an angel, demon, vampire, or Werewolf fall for you (part 001)
  • Would a werewolf, vampire, demon, or angle fall for you? Part 9 Sickness
  • What is Your Phrase? [for black person people]
  • ..::Which one of my guy friends would date you? (Girls only)::..
  • What Angel are you? hot picks and girlz only!!!
  • What Element Are You(anime pics-girls only)

Of course, appending "girls only" to the end of any Quizilla quiz is strictly a formality, as the site's Terms Of Service very clearly state:

"~*~*~*~omg lol~*~*~*~!!!! aZ a QuIziLLa uSer u aGreE daT u R a GiRl, dat bOiZ suCk and R grOsS (exCePt 4 VaMpiReS n daT lol deR tEh sExX lmao) aNd daT u Wil nEvA mAk a Kwiz 4 a boi, oKiEs???/?/ (lmao uNleS dEr a HoTt bOi!1)"

Quizilla stories

For reasons unknown, or perhaps just general retardation, the site is also inhabited by preteens who generally end up using the god damn website as a place to write fan fiction about how their otherkin or furry life is and how they would like to take it in the ass from the tiny dick of their favorite band's lead singer, usually, some faggot emo band. How the fuck quiz forms can be used to tell stories boggles the mind of even the finest researchers of Harvard and Oxford.

Quizilla Users

Surprisingly, on this shit of a site we can find many kinds of users, however they all are horny teen wapanese girls.


These girls are known for writing the most shitty pieces of literature ever seen. These can range from Naruto to Vampires, and 102% of the time have mary sues for main characters.

Example: You think you can get out of that, ai-nii-chan? i heared kakashi's voice i would do a shrugh if i could of moved i was tied down really you could'nt see anything except the top of my head! This time ,i'm not quite sure I can't move any part of my body and my eyes are covered.But i'll find a way , i always do. i said then the door opened Kakashi-sensie?? hmm ok that sakura, i smell a naruto and a ...sai? Hello. Umm who's that? asked naruto sakura i heared smacked her forehead That's ,Ai. she said i felt all of their stares I don't like being the center of attion so can you please stop staring at me. i groned a bit How can you see your eyes are covered!!! yelled naruto I use my ears when my eyes are covered so I guess i'm right so I warn you stop staring at me. i said boredly kakashi laughed a bit they started to talk You could even surpass me. kakashi said i perked to that he has my full attion now Surpass you? naruto said shocked i can already tell kakashi noded a bit Yes I'll show you one of my greatst techniques not even ai knows. WHAT WHAT TECHNIQUE DON'T I KNOW?!?! i shouted he chuckeld I'm not telling because you always have ways to figure it out or you already have it. i growled with a grone So you'll train me?! I CAN BE BETTER THAN AI!!! sakura covered her mouth looking another way kakashi had a sweat drop going down the back of his head

Holly shit, these fucking Narutards needs to learn some grammar, damn it.

The horny ones

These disappeared as soon as Quizilla started deleting the anime porn, but used to be the most abundant of all. They had 10000 "storys" that were something around the lines of: "OMGZ im hornye wannna cyber?" "OMGZ sex storye!!" They also often said they were "Sexy girl, thin with big boobs, 5"4', long black hair and bright green eyes", however they probably were just basement dwellers.

The haters

They are the vanguard of our vast and wonderful internets. Soon the fanbitch collective of Quizilla will be overthrown and replaced with a representative democracy with elections held every five years. The national anthem will be "Heliotropic" by mid-nineties grunge band Failure, because oh my god that song kicks so much ass.

The Few Sane Ones

Surprisingly, there are a few sane writers on there that do have potential. They tend to stick to themselves though and it is a surprise that they are unaffected by Quizilla's main population of Horny Weeaboos.

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