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Reece Kent's victory binge drinking after successfully defeating a wild pensioner. He achieved over 9000 experience points from the battle.

Reece Kent, Hertfordshire, Beat An Old Man Half To Death And Walked Free

Reece Kent is a britfag who worships the god known as 'Chav' and partakes in nightly binge drinking, drugs and buttsecks. In recent times he decided it would be fun to beat up a pensioner (who was dying of cancer) at his front door step and then didn't go to jail for it.

The Target

Reece Kent's Victim - or is it?

Reece's target was cancer sufferer Mr Oliver. The old man had only three months left to live due to cancer but thankfully Reece came along and reduced the time he had left. He was kicked in the head multiple times whilst Reece's friends filmed it on a camera. He spent 1 week in hospital from the attack.

The Sentence

Reece walked free from court with a six-month suspended sentence. Seriously: [1] [2].

The Dox

If you enjoy the fact that a smug little britfag chav is able to enjoy freedom then be sure to celebrate by sending him some nice pizza courtesy of Google (and DailyMail comments):

  • Mr Reece Kent
  • 34 The Croft
  • Broxbourne
  • Hertfordshire
  • EN10 6JZ

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