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Riana, age 17, looking fappable.
Riana, age 20, looking quite fat.

Riana (IRL Riana K. Chakravarti) is a female bint, admin on TOW and a very fappable Aussie of Indian origin. When she was 17 she reportedly cheated on Daniel Bryant, as they both live in the same city, Adelaide. It is also known that she and Grawp have had the pork sausage meat at least 100 times.

Riana discovered Wikipedia in 2006 and became addicted to it in 2007 like a WoW nerd. After making a certain number of e-friends like Alison, Sceptre, and later Phaedriel, she asked to be made administrator and obtained the precious bit. And a month later, changed her username and blocked herself, thus hiding everything she'd done before. Not long after, she mediated a stupid fight over Danah Boyd's article. Danah (or "danah", pretentious shit) is a famous "digerati", friend of Elonka, and Wikipedia in general, so it was important to keep her happy.

For a year Riana helped make the internet not suck but at the cost of quitting kickboxing to revert vandalism and eating more and more junk food as she spent hours in front of the PC every day.

She tried to commit wikicide in November 2007 because Jimbo Wales was doing something wrong and set out to help Veropedia. Somewhere around May 2008 she begged to be a bureaucrat, and WJBscribe pussied out, as he usually does when he removes his tongue from Elonka's ass.

In 2008 she realized Wikipedia doesn't bring lulz and as such she went cold turkey after gaining 100 lbs of pure fat. G'bye, Rerun! But she came back, apparently because her IRC meatsuckers begged her to return. What this is about, dunno. And so she kept patrolling vandalism, blocking people, and getting fatter (on an irregular schedule, it's important to stay regular) until 2013, when she finally lost real interest. She now edits as infrequently as possible to keep her useless sysop powers.

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