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Robbie about to burst into tears because of mean words on Twitter

Robbie Farah, a quasi-famous and extremely dirty Paki athlete, is proof that these days all it takes is a few mean words to emotionally and professionally destroy a full-grown football player. Captain of the Wests Tigers rugby team, Farah became extremely butthurt when someone on Twitter suggested he fornicate with his dead mother. Launching an Australian anti-cyberbullying campaign with the prolific and hypocritical whore Charlotte Dawson, he spent days raging about how people who make insults on Twitter should be thrown in jail, only to be called out for cyberbullying himself less than a week later. As such, Farah has given up arguing over Twitter and has instead begun bothering local and Federal authorities, asking them to regulate content posted on social media sites.


Robbie Farah takes a stand against cyberbullying

Robbie Farah, not being a bully.
Robbie encourages trolling victims to contact the cyber police and internet security experts.
Robbie's reaction when an ED staff member tweeted him a link to this article.

Robbie Farah the Cyberbully

Interesting @robbiefarah is calling on the PM to #stopthetrolls when he tweeted a year ago to give her a noose. Just found the tweet. Bam


  karalee_ after exposing Farah's hypocrisy to the world

Some people on twitter obviously can't take a joke. Lighten up people


—Robbie Farah on Twitter after the 'noose' comment, and EXACTLY ONE YEAR before bawing about Twitter trolls.

Robbie and Former Teammates

The true source of Robbie's pent-up frustrations About missing Pics
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